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Saints safety, ex-Ohio State DB Malcolm Jenkins teaches you to tie a bow tie

E. Gordon Gee angel investor?

Former Ohio State defensive back Malcolm Jenkins isn't just a business man, he's a business, man. Or at least he has a business, man. Or something.

The former three time all-first team Big Ten defensive back has a new business called "Rock Avenue Bow Tie", that specializes in (you guessed it!) bow ties. While there's no word as to what role (if any) the former Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee plays in the operation, Jenkins has a slick video which teaches the less cultured amongst us (ed. note: this author reluctantly raises his hand) how to put on a proper bow tie.

Perhaps making the video (besides the informativeness) is the sultry/smooth R&B/soul instrumental scoring the ex-Buckeye's instructive video. Even when you inevitably fall flat on your face attempting to imitate the process, at least you'll have bumped a 90's smooth jam ex-groove while not looking so hot in the process.