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Delany: No night Ohio State-Michigan games in the future

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany met with a group of reports in Ann Arbor – and quelled any thoughts of a possible OSU-UM night game.

Don't expect any future Ohio State-Michigan games to end at this time of day.
Don't expect any future Ohio State-Michigan games to end at this time of day.

2013 marks an interesting year in the landmark Ohio State-Michigan rivalry. This marks the last time the two schools will have the opportunity to meet twice in a single season (outside of meeting in the sport's new playoff) with some picking each school to win their respective Big Ten divisions and the two schools playing in the same division beginning next year. The Game's time, however, is not expected to be anything out of the ordinary.

Outside of noon games, it seems the slight deviation to 1 p.m. is the only other possible time on the table of late. Though 2006's "Game of the Century" was played at 3:30, that might have to be as late as we expect these things to ever go given the time of year The Game's played. The Big Ten's commissioner Jim Delany spoke to the media in Ann Arbor Friday and had more on the subject:

"I don't expect that game to be in prime[time]. No one has ever asked for it, and television networks know we wouldn't move it without the consent of the schools -- and I don't think they're open to it."

Dave Brandon's been the most outspoken critic of hosting that game at night (amongst other UM games), and while Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer would probably love to do it in primetime, Gene Smith's played ball with Brandon and mostly agreed to a similar sentiment as his Michigan counterpart. Delany had more on the subject:

"We're just looking to kind of get into an environment to where we have some access to some quality games in the month of November," [Delany said]. "Each case is unique. Each game is unique. It's the toughest weather month, in this part of the country the weather shifts in the second or third week of October."

It's definitely not out of the question that the conditions could be particularly daunting, but would having that be the case once every decade to two decades really be the worst thing in the world?

What are your thoughts? When should The Game take place?