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Ohio State recruiting: Preston Williams, 2015 WR, talks OSU w/ LGHL

Urban Meyer continues his journey looking for tall, lengthy receivers to compliments the speedsters he has brought in the past couple of years. Class of 2015 wide receiver Preston Williams has emerged as a top prospect and took the time to answer our questions.

At 6'4", Preston Williams has the size advantage wherever he lines up on the field.  He's too physical for cornerbacks, but if matched up with a linebacker he's too fast.  From Georgia, Williams has garnered interest from many SEC schools including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee so far in his recruiting process.  All those programs have sent Preston scholarships but the Buckeyes seem to be in great shape.

Even off a sophomore season that was cut short due to a pelvic injury,  Williams is still ranked among the top prospects in the nation.  According to the 247 Sports Composite Rankings, Williams, a four star prospect, is the 192nd recruit in the nation, 26th wide receiver and the 15th best player the peach state has to offer in the class of 2015.

I had a few moments of Preston's time recently and got his opinion on a few topics from his recruitment to what he feels are his biggest strengths and weaknesses on the field:

What does it mean to you to be one of the top prospects in the class of 2015?  Do you approach the game any differently with the attention you receive?

- No, I just keep doing what I have to do and just stay humble.  I feed off the crowd.

Now I understand you were injured most of last season.  How does it feel to be back on the field, lighting up defenses?

- Feels good to be back and finish what I started.

At 6'4, do you feel that you can dominate any opponent lined up against you?  What goes through your head when it's you and someone else 1-on-1, battling for a ball?

- I can dominate any opponent.  The thought in my head is that I'm bigger, faster, and stronger.

In your mind, what's your biggest strength and weaknesses?

- Biggest strength is I attack the ball at highest point.  Weakness is my spacing on the field.

You picked up an offer from Ohio State weeks ago. Explain what the feeling was, grabbing an offer from a program like Ohio State.

- I felt honored to pick up an offer from a program like that with a coach like Urban Meyer.

Staying on Urban Meyer for a second, when you think of him what comes to mind?

- Great coach!

We all know he's a guy that expects excellence each rep and every snap whether it's in practice or on game day.  Does that kind of attitude attract you to a program?

- Yes it does.

Coach Meyer has made his mark the last couple of years in Georgia.  Last year he grabbed Trey Johnson and Vonn Bell while this year he has Stephen Collier wrapped up.  Is that something you take note of?

- Yes.

Have you played with or against Stephen Collier at anytime?  If so, what about him stands out?

- I have not

Which Ohio State coach have you been in contact with the most?

- Coach Smith and coach Withers

At this point in your recruitment, has any school jumped to the top of your list or is everyone pretty even?  More specifically, can you comment on how interested you are in the Buckeyes?

- Tennessee is at the top.  I like the Buckeyes, they're in my top 5.

Do you plan on visiting Ohio State in the future?  Do you have a date in mind?

- I do want to visit.  I don't have a date

Ultimately, what's your number one goal at the next level?

- To play my freshman year and do numbers!


Favorite pro team: Atlanta Falcons

Your number one athlete in the world: Julio Jones

Favorite movie: Step Brothers

Most played video game: Call of Duty

We would like to thank Preston for taking the time to sit down with us and wish him luck the rest of the fall and throughout his football career.