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Ohio State stock market report: Florida A&M

76-0. This isn't your slightly older brothers' Buckeyes.

Jamie Sabau


Perhaps the only real intrigue from Saturday's action came when ESPN's sourced report that Braxton Miller wasn't going to play was contradicted by the Ohio State Radio Network's Paul Keels, who claimed on air that such reports were "wrong with a cal W" and that though Miller wouldn't start, he would see snaps. Of course that contradiction proved to be just as wrong as he was alluding ESPN's was, but it did open a slight, albeit brief, window of optimism that number five would be back in action for the Bucks after nearly two whole games without him.

Pay no mind; America's best coach holding a clipboard while also wearing a helmet returned to reprieve his role as hero-in-waiting and left Saturday's dominant 76-0 action with an all-time Ohio State single game record for touchdown passes thrown. For our money, you won't find a better understudy just about anywhere.

Acclaimed quarterback whisperer, George Whitfield Jr., said during College Gameday that "Braxton [Miller] is near 100%. Him and the OSU staff are going to hold him, get him ready for next week." With a wet track after it rained most of yesterday morning (though admittedly it didn't hamper many of the Buckeyes' other principal ball carriers), such a plan was prudent at worst.

While we wait for the Buckeyes to welcome back their Heisman candidate signal caller, we shift focus forward to the intra-conference rivalry with Wisconsin and yet another date with Bucky Badger underneath the stars. Señor Flowers, cheesy fan-made lyric video and all, take us home:

Once in a lifetime, the suffering of fools
To find our way home, to break in these bones
Once in a lifetime (Once in a lifetime)
Once in a lifetime

Give me a shot at the night
Give me a moment, some kind of mysterious
Give me a shot at the night
Give me a moment, some kind of mysterious

Your HBCU Stock Market report is as follows:

Blue Chip Stocks:

Kenny Guiton, QB: We couldn't start with anyone else, could we? Guiton wasn't even at his best – at times he teetered towards the inaccurate, though his one on the books interception was jarred loose and recovered by the Buckeyes as though nothing had ever happened – but he was only good enough to further establish his place in Buckeye lore.

Guiton also only had one carry for five yards and at times it looked like he was intentionally avoiding what would be designed runs (and in the process contact), but it didn't matter. Kenny G's yard per carry average amongst quarterbacks nationally puts him in a rarefied air, and few run the option better than Coach Guiton.  Though having to swap him out is a bit of a buzzkill in a sense, having that kind of reliability in the bullpen is a luxury few other programs in the country can lay claim to.

Ezekiel Elliott, RB: Many of us were excited about the potential of the young man nicknamed "EzE" and we finally got to see it in spades on Saturday. Behind 14 carries for 162 yards and 2 TDs, if you aren't excited for next offseason's Elliott, Rod Smith (3 carries for 45 yards), and Warren Ball (7 carries for 49 yards) battle for PT, you probably don't have a pulse (which, like, you should probably see a doctor about or something).

Carlos Hyde, RB: Buy low on this former pristine stock; there are signs it'll be a high value holder in due time. Though El Guapo didn't play until the second quarter, he quickly looked the part and showed that those weeks of film study paid off. 5 carries for 41 yards doesn't seem as electric when you look at the yards per carry of Elliott (11.6) and Smith (15), but that's to be expected with a little rust.

We also got to see the personality of Carlos of old when after scurrying into the end zone on a one yard shovel pass, he did his famous flex pose, last seen against Michigan last November. Though the Buckeyes gave Jordan Hall a functional breather yesterday, expect Hyde to force Meyer's hand in terms of divvying up playing time between the tailback who's been Ohio State's best to date on the season and his fellow senior.

Solid Investments:

Jeff Heuerman, TE: We've heard for two years straight that we should expect more out of Ohio State's tight ends. Following the void of TE targets in the Tressel era, we got another taste of fresh air Saturday as Heuerman pulled in four receptions for 43 yards, including a score. Nick Vannett wasn't a bad option-1b to the Florida-native, as he himself was responsible for two catches for 27 yards. Expect to see more of both as the going gets tough in conference play.

Junk Bonds:

Cameron Johnston, P: No offense to the 21 year old Aussie freshman (his one 32 yard AFL punt did end up within the opposing 20), he just didn't get a lot of burn. Though it wouldn't surprise us to see him have a temporary rise in value the next two weeks with Wisconsin coming to town and a trip to Evanston to follow, Ohio State's offense *should* be good enough for the majority of the season to limit the need to invest. Tresselball is over, folks.


Buy: Chase Farris' sack Hard to believe the redshirt sophomore was on the offensive two deep just five or six weeks ago. He helped Ohio State mitigate a loss of depth in Tommy Schutt's absence in a big way Saturday. The only intrigue is whether his long term viability is back on the o-line or if he practices and plays well enough to merit an extended stay on defense until next offseason.

Sell: J.T. Barrett, Bri'onte Dunn, Michael Thomas, Jalin Marshall Urban Meyer said in his post game press conference that they (and others who haven't seen early action) are "on-call", but also suggested redshirts were possible. Be it youth, ineffective, being in the doghouse, whatever the case may be for each respective player, don't bet on seeing these youngsters unless a rash of injuries afflicts the team.

Buy: Bradley Roby as the primary playmaker in the secondary After a rusty start following his season opening suspension, the possible NFL first round draft pick returned to form during stretches of Saturday's action. He'll get to prove his bonafides more extensively in two weeks in the Chicago metro area.

Sell: Anyone other than Corey Brown returning punts Dontre Wilson is electric and all, but we all got to see Saturday that Philly still has that it factor fielding and running with punts. Pending injury, there's no reason anyone should be the main guy back there except for the offensive player wearing #10.

Buy: Dontre Wilson I know, I know. He barely saw the field against FAMU. Gotta keep a few bullets in the holster, no? Wilson should be back in full force against Wisconsin. Though some are rushing to sell, sell, sell, he's still got almost unrivaled nationally speed and quickness – and the offensive brain trust is on the precipice of unleashing it.

Sell: Blowhard myopic national media types ripping on Urban Meyer Florida A&M coach Earl Holmes didn't have a problem with the Buckeyes not taking their feet off the gas and Meyer didn't schedule the game (which was added to the slate in November of 2011 before his hiring) either. If you're still sitting back and lobbing 140 character bombs toward's Meyer for the unthinkable, heinous acts of a player he last coached half a decade ago, it's probably time you put down the smart phone and go for a walk or something. Besides, I think a certain signal caller in College Station is about to do something faux controversial you should be able to dip their mock outrage wick in any moment now.