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Ohio State recruiting: #FF @LGHLRecruiting, introducing Miles Joseph (@MilesLGHL)

We introduce a new staff member plus a new service for Ohio State recruiting news and analysis.

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Historically we've shied away from making announcements of this sort. Whether through a quick prefix on their inaugural piece, a tweet, or perhaps just seeing their visage appear on our masthead after their first post has gone live, we've historically preferred to let our talent additions' labors speak for themselves.

While we don't doubt the latter will prove to be the case once again, we decided that special circumstances necessitated a little pomp and circumstance. Today, we're thrilled to welcome veteran recruiting analyst Miles Joseph to Land-Grant Holy Land's already deep recruiting staff. Joseph comes to us by way of two stints at his own startup, Silver Bullet Recruiting, and a lengthy tenure at 11W. In addition to his work here, you can follow Miles on Twitter at @MilesLGHL.

Further, we've decided to re-approach how we deliver recruiting news through social media. While our primary Twitter account and Facebook one will continue to feature important recruiting developments, for the recruiting aficionados and hardcore amateur recruitniks amongst us, we'll be offering all-recruiting, all the time at @LGHLRecruiting. The entire staff will take turns manning the helm on it so you should get a variety of perspective but the same depth of coverage up to our high standards for all things Ohio State recruiting. During this extremely busy recruiting week, you won't want to miss anything – and we'll have it there first.

Join us in welcoming Miles to the team below.