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Ohio State-Wisconsin: Best bars and restaurants in Columbus

In town for the big game? We've got you covered on what to eat and drink and where.

Any Badger fans that are making the trek to Columbus for the weekend have a plethora of eating/drinking establishments at their disposal. A couple of the more well-known places to eat in Columbus are located in the German Village area of south Columbus. Thurman Cafe offers their famous "Thurmanator" if you crave a fine cheeseburger , but be sure to pencil in a nap afterwards if you do order. The one drawback about Thurman Cafe it doesn't have a lot of seating, so if time is of the essence you might want to look elsewhere because there can be a bit of a wait to be served. Also located in German Village, Schmidt's Sausage Haus, features "The Autobahn", which is a buffet full OF GERMAN SAUSAGES.

German Village isn't the only place you can find good eats in Columbus, there are plenty of other places throughout the city. If it is chicken wings you crave, my personal recommendation (and I grew up south of Buffalo, so I know good wings) is Gallo's Tap Room on Bethel Road. For the barbeque lovers coming into town, there are a number of City Barbeque locations in Columbus which put out some high quality grub. A couple great pizza places on/near campus are Adriatico's and Hound Dog's (but be sure to get the Smokin' Joe's sauce). If it's a hearty breakfast that you crave on gameday, try Starliner Diner just off to the west in Hilliard or Jack & Benny's at the corner of High & Hudson.

Now after all that food, you are going to need some suds to wash it down. The day/night before the game in Columbus, depending on what part of town you are in, there is certainly a place nearby to toss back a few. Starting just south of downtown in the Brewery District/German Village area, there is World Of Beer, which has what seems like every beer imaginable there. Within walking distance of WOB, you have High Beck Tavern if you are looking for more of a dive bar. Right across the street is Victory's, which has the perfect TV setup if you are looking to catch some college football/MLB on Friday night.

In the downtown area, there is a new bar that just recently opened up which actually is an arcade bar, 16-Bit Bar. If you want a trip down memory lane playing some NBA Jam or NFL Blitz, I highly recommend. Callahan's, BBR, and R Bar (a hockey bar) are all some other quality bars in the Arena District downtown.

Closer to campus, in the Short North area there is Barrel 44 Whiskey Bar if you are looking to get your bourbon fix. If you are looking for sports bars in Northwest Columbus, there is Brewsky's just off of Henderson Road and The Dub Pub a little bit closer to Dublin. If you can't make it to World Of Beer in the Brewery District, The Pint Room on Dublin-Granville Road should be a worthy substitute.

Now onto the main event. – GAMEDAY. Within walking distance of The Horseshoe, a campus staple is Out-R-Inn if you are looking to take a step back into your college years. Just a few blocks north, The Little Bar holds tailgate parties in the bar/adjoining parking lot for gamedays. The bar with the best draught selection on campus (in my opinion) is 4th Street Bar & Grille, which is located on the east edge of campus area at 16th & 4th. The southern edge of campus on High Street has Bier Stube and Lucky's Stout House, you can't go wrong with either one.

In terms of how Wisconsin fans will be treated? Ohio State has made a effort to try and make sure that visiting fans have the best possible time while attending a game (except for in the result, hopefully). Sporting Wisconsin gear might bring some harmless smack talk from Buckeye fans, but that's about all that you'll get. With any fanbase, there are a few fans that go overboard, but they are the exception and not the rule.

To all the Badger fans attending, hopefully you enjoy your stay in Columbus and eat, drink, and are treated well.