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Ohio State vs. Wisconsin 2013: GameThread

Along with watching the game on Channel 1006 in Columbus, join your fellow Buckeyes to take in possibly Ohio State's game of the season.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State. Wisconsin. The two haven't exactly had any love lost the last several seasons – and with good reason. When the two schools meet, it seems like there's always something on the line. A top 10 ranking. A divisional title. The ability to play spoiler and tank the other team's lofty ambitions at the very least.

This evening's game is no different. Prime time. 60 recruits in attendance. Likely 106,000 plus. The team that wins will be in the driver's seat for a Leaders Division title. The loser? Hoping to just win out and get help. Wisconsin enters with a vaunted rushing attack, where as the Buckeyes have a balanced uptempo offense that hurt you in a variety of ways. Two teams enter, one team emerges unscathed in B1G play.

If this is your first time GameThreading this you're about to experience something so cold. I promise we don't bite though, and honestly, are a pretty fun group to watch a game with. The only game rules we have are to be reasonable to each other (and always Internetty), and we'll all make beautiful, beautiful animated GIF music together, I suspect.

Go Bucks.

Wisconsin Badgers Ohio State Buckeyes
vs. Ohio-state_medium
3-1 | #23 AP / #24 Coaches 4-0 | #4 AP / #3 Coaches
Date: September 28th, 2013
Location: Columbus, OH
Time: 8:00 p.m. ET
Stadium: Ohio Stadium
TV: ABC - Time Warner Columbus/Delaware 1006 D/6 SD, WOW! 206 HD/6 SD, DirecTV 6, DISH 6 Spread: -6½
Radio: WBNS FM-97.1 AM-1460 Over/Under: 54½
Internet: WatchABC
(where available)
SBN Affiliate: Bucky's 5th Quarter
Objection. Your honor, he's badgering the witness.