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Bradley Roby injury: Ohio State star leaves Wisconsin game, returns

Ohio Star star corner Bradley Roby left the Wisconsin game with what appeared to be a lower back injury but was back in on the next series.

Ohio State star corner Bradley Roby left Saturday night's huge game with #23 Wisconsin appearing to be holding his back. Roby immediately called for medical attention after attempting a low tackle on a Badger ball carrier, and essentially as soon as he got up was holding a portion of his lower back.

After speaking with medical trainers for several minutes, Roby appeared to grimace and further hold his lower back. This marks another game with a potentially major injury for the Buckeyes. Star linebacker Ryan Shazier missed time with both cramps and shoulder issues earlier on the year and preseason Heisman contender Braxton Miller missed most of the last three games with an MCL strain in his knee.

With Roby leaving the action, sophomore Armani Reeves, who filled in for Roby while he was suspended for the Buckeyes' home opener against Buffalo, came in to relieve the redshirt junior. The Buckeyes have talent to spare at the corner position, but much of it is inexperienced and/or young.

UPDATE 8:33 p.m.: That was quick. Despite grimacing on the field and sidelines after sustaining the injury, Roby was back in on the next series. We'll have more if it becomes a lingering issue.