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Ohio State recruiting: Wisconsin weekend visit recaps

Ohio State had over 50 prospects at the game last night. Find out what some of those talented recruits had to say about their time and more.

For both the Ohio State football and basketball teams, Saturday was easily the biggest recruiting weekend of the year so far. Over 50 commits and top class of 2014, 2015 and 2016 recruits made their way to Columbus to check out the campus, mingle with coaches and check out the Buckeyes take on the Badgers of Wisconsin underneath the stars in Ohio Stadium.

You might be curious as to what the recruits thought about their time in Columbus; we've got you covered. Keep checking back over the next few days as the Land-Grant Holy Land recruiting team brings you visit recaps from many of the Buckeyes weekend visitors.

We begin with Ohio State's "The Dream 14", the class of 2014 commits set to take college football by storm next season:

2014 Ohio State commit, quarterback Stephen Collier:

"The atmosphere in The Shoe was unlike any that I'd ever been a part of. Not only was the game phenomenal, but the fans were also. The chants gave me chills and I can't wait to be a part of something like that."

2014 Ohio State commit, defensive back Malik Hooker:

"It was a great atmosphere at The Shoe and it was awesome that the Buckeyes got the win. I got to hang out with some of my future teammates, so that was really cool as well. Overall, it was a great night in Columbus and I can't wait to call it my home. Go Bucks!"

2014 Ohio State commit, kicker Sean Nuernberger:

"The environment was unlike anything I've ever seen before. Seeing all of our commits and some other recruits was awesome, too."

2014 Ohio State commit, linebacker Sam Hubbard:

"There were a lot of us at the game, which was cool. We all met up and went to the pregame speech by LeBron and Coach Meyer, which was awesome. We all then got to walk into the stadium with the team and just hung out and got pictures together. The atmosphere was amazing and I really enjoyed the game."

2014 Ohio State commit, defensive end Jalyn Holmes:

"The trip to Columbus was very good. The atmosphere in The Shoe and around Columbus was amazing, I loved it. Everybody that I talked with were very nice and welcomed me with open arms. I can't wait to go back and get to experience it all again."

2015 4-star linebacker and Ohio State target Anthony McKee:

"The game was off the hook. I had a lot of fun. The crowd was crazy, The Shoe was rockin. It was really different from the last game I went to. I talked to Coach Fickell; he's a stand up guy. We talked about the school. Ohio State played a good game; it's a real strong school."

2015 3-star safety Reggie Rogers:

"It was amazing. I liked the atmosphere and all the die hard fans. I talked to Coach Pantoni and some other coaches in the locker room and they said they were pushing closer and closer to an offer. It would mean a lot to me. Growing up in Ohio automatically made me an Ohio State fan since I was a little boy."

2015 3-star linebacker Nick Conner:

"The visit went great; it was a good time. Going into the locker room after the big win and talking to some of the coaches and just the atmosphere of The Shoe really stood out. The game was really good. They played hard and beat a good team. The crowd was huge and it was a great thing to be a part of. I talked to Coach Fickell but we didn't really say much. We just touched base and he wanted to see how things were going and make sure I'm healthy."

2015 linebacker Markus Bailey:

"The visit was great. I thought it was nice that two of my guests were allowed field and recruit room access. It was pretty cool to see LeBron pretty close in front of me too. I loved the intensity of the game and the insane fan base amplified it even more. I couldn't believe how loud it was and how many fans were there."

2015 3-star offensive tackle Noah Listermann:

"It was fun. I got to experience the students [being at the game] a bit more. It was also cool to talk to the recruits more, too. I talked to Coach Warinner for a bit. He just said congrats on the season and all that. The crowd was insane. It just consumes you."

2015 4-star tight end Jackson Harris:

"It was great, I loved the atmosphere. It's one of those things you just have to see in person. I talked to Coach Hinton. He was real excited that I came up to the game. He said he's going to try to come down to my school during their bye week. It would be huge, if OSU offered. I have always been a big Urban Meyer fan."

2015 4-star defensive tackle Brandon Tiassum:

"We got to go on the field before the game and we got to go in the locker room. I spoke to Coach Vrabel and some of the recruiting coordinators. They said that they like my get off, off the line and that they've seen all my film. It would be great (to receive an offer from OSU). It would show how good god is. I would love to play for Urban Meyer."

2015 4-star quarterback/athlete Kai Locksley:

"The trip was fantastic. I got to see how crazy the atmosphere was and how big of an event football games are at The Shoe. The crowd was sensational and the game was a solid win. I spoke with Coach Meyer before the game and he said I'm his guy, so he hopes I'm serious about them. He said they're going to recruit me hard and I'll fit perfect in his style of offense."

2015 4-star running back Andrew Dowell:

"The game time atmosphere in The Shoe was awesome. We did not get there until 7:45 before kickoff, so we missed the pre-game opportunities. After the game we got to go in the locker room and hear the post-game rap up. We also had a quick chat with our recruiter, RB Coach Stan Drayton and he introduced us to Coach Meyer. That was actually our first time ever attending a college football game, and what a great game it was."

2015 long snapper Liam McCullough:

"The visit was great. The biggest thing that stood out to me was going into the locker room after the game to hear Coach Meyer address the team and getting to hang out with Bryce Haynes, Drew Basil, George Makridis, Cameron Johnston and Kyle Clinton thereafter. I was very impressed by Ohio State during the game, and the atmosphere was like none other in college football. I got the chance to talk once again with Coach Coombs about my season so far and how my game went this past Friday and about future visits to OSU. I will be visiting for the Penn State and Indiana games."

2015 3-star offensive lineman James Daniels:

"The visit was good. Being on the field at pregame stood out. The game was good; it was close towards the end. The crowd was crazy. It was extremely loud last night. It was pretty awesome in person."

2015 4-star defensive tackle Elijah Taylor:

"Overall it was a great visit. All the tailgates and other things that went out for miles really amazed me. I thought that it was a really good game and a nice team win. The crowd was amazing. Everyone seemed to be focused on the game which was great. I got to talk to Coach Coombs and Coach Vrabel. They just thanked me for coming out to watch and they asked how my season was going."

2015 4-star cornerback Jordan Whitehead:

"It was a really good visit, I liked it. The game was nice, but the best part was walking into the stadium. The fans are crazy."

2014 small forward Ohio State basketball commit Keita Bates-Diop:

"The game was good. It was fun. I had a great time with everyone. I had a really good time at the football game and hanging out with other recruits. There were so many there."

Adam Waters and Miles Joseph contributed to this report.