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Christian Bryant injury: Broken ankle will require surgery

Ohio State starting safety Christian Bryant left Saturday night's game with an ankle injury that head coach Urban Meyer says will require surgery and is likely out for the year.

As Ohio State attempted to close out Wisconsin on the Badgers' final drive attempt of the game, the Buckeyes had a rule regarding injury stoppages in the final moments work against them.

On a 3rd-and-17 play with just 43 seconds to play, Wisconsin quarterback Joel Stave dumped the ball off to James White. White made a move, before being taken down by a multitude of defenders, Bryant amongst them who made a diving attempt at the tackle.

While on the ground, it appeared as though Bryant had teammate (and fellow defensive back) Doran Grant fly in and land on Bryant's ankle. Immediately afterwards, Bryant hobbled towards the sideline as though he instantly knew something was wrong. Bryant failed to even make it to the sideline and collapsed in pain, stopping the clock with 26 seconds to play and giving the Badgers a de facto timeout.

Bryant appeared to struggle on the ground before Ohio State trainers ran to his side. Per those in attendance, it looked as though Bryant was completely unable to put any pressure on his leg as he walked towards the sideline.

Later, after the game, Bryant left the stadium in an ambulance and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer told the media that Meyer had an ankle injury that will require surgery. He's expected to miss the remainder of 2013. Ron Tanner had been behind Bryant on the depth chart in recent weeks though it's also possible Corey "Pittsburgh" Brown will see action filling in his for Bryant. Freshman Vonn Bell might also draw consideration.

In 2010, the then freshman Christian Bryant had surgery on his right foot following an injury he suffered in the lead up to that season's Wisconsin game. Bryant attempted to play through the injury, but that ultimately only made things worse and led to a week's stay in the hospital.

Here was the play that sidelined Bryant and ultimately forced him out of yesterday evening's game: