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Ohio State football team hugs Dom Tiberi after daughter's death

It's about to get awfully dusty in here.

If you're dialed into the Columbus media scene in the least, you're unquestionably aware of the impact Dom Tiberi's had on the C-bus local sports scene. Informally nicknamed "The Mayor", Tiberi's been a fixture on Ohio State sidelines since long before many of us graduated, and has always struck everyone he's met as both the consummate pro and just general good guy).

Just over a week ago, tragedy struck, when his college age daughter Maria was killed in a car accident. The unthinkable situation appropriately drew an outpouring of love and support from the Ohio State athletics and media community, and the Ohio State football team even wore helmet stickers to pay homage to Maria and the Tiberis during last weekend's home win over Florida A&M.

With Tiberi back on the sidelines this past Saturday night, after the Buckeyes' big win, the entire team lined up to embrace and lift up Tiberi in one of the most sincere, heartwarming moments you'll see all season. It's almost impossible to put yourselves in Dom and his family's shoes, but hopefully the outstanding, classy gesture helped, even if but a little bit.

via: Deadspin