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Ohio State to wear alternate uniforms against Michigan

Urban Meyer revealed on his 97.1 The Fan call-in show Thursday that Ohio State would be wearing alternate uniforms in their rivalry game.

Urban Meyer said on his weekly radio show on 97.1 The Fan this afternoon that Ohio State would indeed wear alternate uniforms against the University of Michigan when the two schools meet in Ann Arbor Saturday, November 30th, 2013. "I think it is for the rivalry game," Meyer stated.

Though as per usual Meyer declined to refer to the University of Michigan by name, he did insinuate that last year's rivalry game alternate uniform helmets against Michigan might return. Nike typically produces home and away versions of each alternate they make annually, so it's probable a road version of last year's alternates is already ready for production.

Earlier Thursday, the Buckeye Room tweeted a newly available for purchase Nike produced "alternate" jersey that sparked some to openly speculate if that was the jersey Meyer was referring to:

Fortunately, for those with discriminating tastes, these appear to be a solely for commercial purposes. Nike sells a NFL fashion jersey that look the exact same as the uniforms for sale at the Buckeye Room. These fashion jerseys look the same for every team: a black jersey with a bright, contrasting team color around the numbers.

Four years ago, Ohio State entered into a four year contract with Nike to be a part of their Pro Combat Rivalry line, wearing alternates against Michigan in 2009, 2010, and 2012, as well as against Wisconsin in 2011. This season, the school is not contractually obligated to wear an alternate, nor is the jersey a "Pro Combat" jersey as it will often be referred to.

Andrew Lind contributed to this report.