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Ohio State WR Philly Brown: "California is not a special state"

Billboard material? Ohio State's mercurial wide receiver's got it.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State senior wide receiver Corey Brown, perhaps better known by the pseudonym pertaining to the city of his upbringing, "Philly", had the honor of speaking with the Ohio State media on Monday afternoon. Anyone following the team since Brown first arrived on campus knows by now that when Brown gets a chance to speak, you're usually in for unintentional hilarity at worst, and world class Internet worthy trolling at best.

When asked a question about whether or not Ohio State would take any time to see the sights while in the Bay Area when the team travels out to face California this weekend, Brown summed it up pretty succinctly:

Earlier in the afternoon, at Urban Meyer's weekly Monday press conference, Meyer was asked a question about Brown and his high school career to which he replied, "First of all, I bet he was a very poor running back. You can tell him I said that."

Brown took to social media minutes later, as only he can, to take exception to his coach's statement:

He'd later expand upon his rebuttal at the same afternoon's media session:

Never change, Philly Brown. Never change.