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Ohio State-Nebraska score update: 34-25, Big Red at half

Stop the hurting. Please.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

After losing three consecutive games where Ohio State didn't play the game they had in the previous 15, the Buckeyes started the rare Monday night roadie to Lincoln off much the same.

Getting away from the trademark defense that had them as high as #3 in the country and continuing to struggle to find an identity offensively, the Buckeyes fell behind by as many as seven against the Cornhuskers. From sloppy turnovers to missed open looks to lackadaisical defense, Ohio State embraced every possible way to underachieve.

As Nebraska's zone continued to fluster the Buckeyes and Nebraska raced out to a 13-0 run that culminated in a 14-point lead, a Thad Matta timeout seemed to at least bring some perspective to a team that desperately needed it.  Ohio State was outshot by almost 30% in the first half, so if they just regress to the mean on offense and tight end up the defense, despite the margin, this game is far from over.


-Sam Thompson, 5 points

-ADV, Shannon Scott, Amir Williams, 4 a piece

-Shavon Shields, 10 points

-Deverell Biggs, Leslee Smith, 6 points respectively

-Nebraska 57.4, Ohio State 38.0 eFG%