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Ohio State-Illinois score update: Illini lead ugly one, 25-24

The Buckeyes and Illini went back and forth in an ugly first half.

Bricks make Brutus Buckeye cry.
Bricks make Brutus Buckeye cry.
Jonathan Daniel

Ohio State and Illinois staged a 20 minute protest of the game of basketball in the first half of Thursday's Big Ten conference clash. Each team missed every conceivable possible shot in the sport: layups, jump shots, three point shots, free throws; you name it, these teams missed it.

With each team taking turns demonstrating surprisingly less ineptitude than the other, occasionally one would successfully execute a three pointer, or not turn the ball over, and typically good things happened at that point. A Lenzelle Smith Jr. 3-pointer and a pair of Aaron Craft free throws made it look like momentum might finally be on one team's side, before a Joseph Bertrand three leveled things.

The key for Ohio State (and really both of these teams) is to make more shots and be less careless with the basketball. It's the little things, really.


– Illinois: 38.5 FG%

– Ohio State: 29.2 FG %

– Joseph Bertrand: Inexplicably 10 points

Amir Williams: 6 points