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Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith awarded 4-year extension

Perhaps to the chagrin of some Buckeye fans, Gene Smith isn't going anywhere.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Despite earning the ire of many Buckeye fans for his handling of Ohio State's NCAA compliance during the Tattoo-Gate scandal, the university feels differently:

This move does ensure that Smith will be around the university for the foreseeable future.

Per the Columbus Dispatch, Smith's role may be expanding:

In his new role, Smith will have broader control over the business side of university sports and entertainment venues. He will have joint oversight of the Office of Business and Finance in OSU's Business Advancement Division, which includes the Jerome Schottenstein Center, the Blackwell Inn, Drake Union, the Fawcett Center and the Office of Trademark and Licensing Services.

He also will be responsible for an agreement with Nationwide Arena to bolster revenue and find new opportunities to work together with the university

Smith's tenure is not without success. Under Smith's tenure, Ohio State has seen tremendous growth from their wrestling, men's volleyball and lacrosse programs, along with sustained success from their revenue sports. Ohio State has also enjoyed strong academic success from their student-athletes.  He was also rumored to have attracted interest from Texas a few months ago for their vacant AD position, since filled by former ASU headman Steve Patterson. Smith's questionable management of press conferences surrounding the Jim Tressel tattoo scandal has done little to endear him in the hearts of many fans.

Per Kyle Rowland, Smith won't need to shop at Target in the near future either:

Smith recently said Ohio State's football program wouldn't entertain football coordinator salaries in the same neighborhood.

What do you think? Is this a smart investment for Ohio State?