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Ohio State OC Tom Herman stuck in Atlanta traffic on recruiting trip

The Buckeyes OC had to endure one of the worst traffic situations you could ever possibly find yourself in.

The eyes of the country have been on the Atlanta metro area after a rare snow yesterday afternoon shut down the entire region.

Unfortunately for Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman and tens of thousands of other commuters, the many businesses, schools, and otherwise's decision to shut down didn't happen until later in the day. Too late, even. The net result? Insane, almost unprecedented gridlock.

For Herman in particular, who was in the Georgia area to do some pivotal recruiting (possibly of 2015 4-star QB Lorenzo Nunez), he was stuck trying to go 50 miles for an unthinkable over 17 hours. Scattered reports over social media had some just abandoning their cars and walking home, in some cases as far as 5-10 miles. In the case of a frequent traveler like Herman though, sometimes there's nothing more you can do than suck it up and endure.

Let's hope for his sake he's at least getting hazard pay.

UPDATE: Looks like all's well that ends well – or at least, close to it. Tom's wife Michelle took to social media to provide some updates:

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Looks like Coach ditched the car at the end. Bold move.