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Check out Ohio State's 2014 alternate throwback uniforms

We've known Ohio State will be wearing throwback uniforms later this season. Now check out the jerseys.

Not long after we posted a photo of the "throwback" Nike shorts Ohio State's basketball team is expected to wear at some point this season, the good folks at The Buckeye Room reached out to Uni-Watch's Phil Hecken and us to bring to our attention to some new jerseys they recently received from Nike.

A Nike source confirmed to our Andrew Lind earlier today that none of the jerseys worn by Nike schools this season in the same style as the ones worn by Michigan State a week or so back would be true "throwback" uniforms, and that "fauxback" is probably a more accurate term to use. The Spartans' jerseys used the throwback word mark from the Magic Johnson-era teams, but had a number font that was in line with the current MSU style.

These uniforms certainly fit that description, and interestingly enough, per Nike PR, it looks as though the Buckeyes will wear gray tops *with* scarlet shorts (see below). Nike confirms the Buckeyes will wear the alternate look in their February 11th game against fast rising Michigan. The jerseys feature a typography similar to that of those worn by Ohio State legend Jim Jackson.

Check out the photos courtesy of The Buckeye Room below. They're available for sale now at Buckeye Room's Polaris location at 1207 Polaris Pkwy:

And the combination of the two:

Andrew Lind contributed to this report