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Ohio State football: High points and low points of the 2013 season

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times--what was the high point, and the low point, of the 2013 Buckeyes football season?

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

All things considered, the 2013 football season was pretty special for the Buckeyes. They pulled off an undefeated regular season--and 24 consecutive wins in the process--as well as a conference championship bid and a trip to a BCS Bowl. Plus, a victory over a certain school up north.

For many fans, the high point of the 2013 season would definitely be that thrilling win over That Team Up North at the end of the regular season. For one thing, beating That Team Up North is always a delight, so a win over that team is always a highlight of any season.

It wasn't just the win, however, but the way the Buckeyes won that game that made it so much fun. With 32 seconds remaining, and That Team Up North trailing by just one point, Brady Hoke decided to go for the win rather than tie the game with a PAT. Devin Gardner's pass was intercepted by Tyvis Powell, the Big House was filled with crushing disappointment, and the Buckeyes held onto their undefeated record by a thread.

As far as low points of the season, there are many from which to choose. Losing to Clemson in the Orange Bowl by just five points, after a game that was rife with errors and bad decisions--was a low point, for certain.

But the lowest point of the 2013 for many fans had to be the loss to Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship. Following the crazy Auburn win over Alabama in the Iron Bowl the previous week, and the resulting BCS rankings shake-up, Ohio State had legitimate BCS National Championship hopes going into the conference championship. College football fans around the nation wondered whether Auburn should jump Ohio State in the rankings, throwing around the word "overrated" in every conversation.

Ohio State took the field against Michigan State and essentially proved their detractors right early in the game. But it certainly wasn't over for the Buckeyes. They turned things around, and pulled within one touchdown of Michigan State going into the half. Hopes were raised in the third quarter, as the Buckeyes outscored the Spartans 14-3, taking a 24-20  lead going into the fourth quarter.

But the fourth quarter--that was the real low point of the season, as the Spartans scored 14 unanswered points, breaking Ohio State's winning streak and crushing their hopes and dreams for bowl season.

What were your high and low points from the 2013 season?