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Did Clemson's Stephone Anthony maintain control on the interception against Ohio State?

Not that it matters, but did Clemson's Stephone Anthony maintain possession through his game clinching interception against Ohio State? We take another look.

Mike Ehrmann

Although it was unlikely to be overturned due to the nebulous nature of replay review in general, after seeing a closer look at how the interception by Clemson junior linebacker Stephone Anthony of Ohio State quarterback Braxton Miller actually finished, it's tough not to second guess not just the call, but that there was no replay by the officials:

Another angle doesn't do much better at clearing it up. It's still really tough to tell, and again, even with the benefit of replay, it's unlikely the play would've been overturned due to a lack of indisputable video evidence:

In fairness to Clemson (who played a great game, picked Ohio State's beyond shaky D apart all night long, and are absolutely worthy winners), it's totally possible Miller, who'd thrown into traffic on the previous play, would've done so again on the very next play. But knowing that won't quell frustrated Buckeye fans who wish there'd just been a brief pause to double check and know for sure.

Ohio State now faces an offseason of hard questions and frustration while Clemson has real momentum heading into Louisville joining the ACC and Florida State potentially coming off a national championship. The Buckeyes could probably due without watching this particular tape (and especially that final drive) anytime soon.