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Live coverage: 2014 U.S. Army All-American Bowl

Join the staff of Land-Grant Holy Land for an unrivaled live coverage experience. Share your jokes with us, and join us for updates, commentary, and more! Click here for the 2014 Army All-American Bowl rosters/commitment schedule, watch video of 4-star S Erick Smith picking Ohio State, and be sure to watch 4-star DB/ATH Marshon Lattimore do the same.


Luke Zimmermann [3:56 PM]:


Watch this: Marshon Lattimore picks Ohio State

Watch video of Marshon Lattimore becoming the 21st member of Ohio State’s outstanding 2014 recruiting class.

Luke Zimmermann [3:56 PM]:

If you need an overflow thread, join us in Marshon Lattimore’s commitment video post. #GoBucks

Luke Zimmermann [3:56 PM]:

Well thank you folks for joining us. 2/2 for Urban Meyer, Mark Pantoni, and company. Not a bad little way (along w/ the basketball Bucks’ blowout W) to bounce back from the awfulness of last night.

Miles Joseph [3:52 PM]:

Samuel too

Miles Joseph [3:51 PM]:

Dixon and Jones (maybe) will start class at OSU Monday

Miles Joseph [3:51 PM]:

West wins 28-6…. Was most impressed with Smith, Holmes, Dixon, and Thomas of the Buckeye commits/targets

Miles Joseph [3:49 PM]:

Just committed a few minutes ago and there are already people picking him to flip to UCLA

Luke Zimmermann [3:48 PM]:

New Sooner Joe Mixon named the MVP of the Army game.

Miles Joseph [3:48 PM]:

Joe Mixon named game MVP

Miles Joseph [3:47 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Yeah Baylor is starting to get some pretty solid recruits

Miles Joseph [3:47 PM]:

Oregon RB commit Royce Freeman with his 3 TD run of the day. 28-6 West

Luke Zimmermann [3:46 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Big fan of that kid. Will be insane in that Baylor offense.

Miles Joseph [3:45 PM]:

Phenomenal catch by Baylor commit K.D. Cannon

Miles Joseph [3:45 PM]:

Nice catch and run by USC TE commit Bryce Dixon

Sam Vecenie [3:43 PM]:

@Miles Joseph there’s a game going on?

Miles Joseph [3:42 PM]:

Bad throw by UGA commit Jacob Park is intercepted. That should seal the deal for the west team

Luke Zimmermann [3:41 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Good call.

Charles Doss [3:40 PM]:

Great get by Big Game Bob and the Sooners. Mixon is the real deal

Sam Vecenie [3:40 PM]:

Welp, OSU will be seeing Joe Mixon in two and a half years. OSU has a home and home with Oklahoma scheduled in 2016/17.

Luke Zimmermann [3:39 PM]:

Joe Mixon saying the Sugar Bowl win by OU “sealed the deal”

Miles Joseph [3:39 PM]:

Mixon chooses Oklahoma

Luke Zimmermann [3:36 PM]:

Oh snap:

Luke Zimmermann [3:36 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [3:36 PM]:

4th 5:43
Urban F. Meyer 2
#BBN 0

Miles Joseph [3:34 PM]:

Just one announcement left. Joe Mixon will choose between Cal, Oklahoma, UCLA, and Wisconsin in a few minutes

Miles Joseph [3:32 PM]:

Marshon’s a Buckeye… No more than 4 spots left in the class

Luke Zimmermann [3:32 PM]:


Marshon Lattimore is a Buckeye

2014 Cleveland (OH) Glenville athlete Marshon Lattimore is the latest player to verbally commit to Ohio State.

Miles Joseph [3:29 PM]:

Would be the upset of the year if Lattimore didn’t choose the Buckeyes

Matt.lawrence [3:28 PM]:

@Charles Doss Not quite.

Miles Joseph [3:28 PM]:

Marshon Lattimore will announce his college choice next

Charles Doss [3:28 PM]:

Wait is Will Grier’s brother Terio?

Miles Joseph [3:27 PM]:

East fails to convert on 4th and 11, West takes over at their own 20

Charles Doss [3:25 PM]:

Nice grab by one time OSU target Demarre Kitt

Luke Zimmermann [3:24 PM]:

Kind of an ugly ball but good placement

Miles Joseph [3:24 PM]:

Grier completes a bomb to Kitt… East is still in this.

Miles Joseph [3:20 PM]:

Special teams hasn’t been pretty… That’s for sure/

Charles Doss [3:16 PM]:

Special Teams = Still awful

Miles Joseph [3:15 PM]:

East finally on the board, but they still trail 21-6 (PAT missed)

Miles Joseph [3:14 PM]:

Marshon Lattimore will be the next player to announce his decision

Luke Zimmermann [3:13 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Good get. No real surprise there.

Miles Joseph [3:12 PM]:

Morgan to ND.

Luke Zimmermann [3:11 PM]:

@ahowie It should be worth 12 points, imho

ahowie [3:11 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Oh boy do I hate that that’s a penalty.

Charles Doss [3:08 PM]:

@ahowie I know, right? He sort of reminds me of Santonio Holmes

Luke Zimmermann [3:08 PM]:

ahowie [3:06 PM]:

Absurd catch by Dixon.

Miles Joseph [3:06 PM]:

Drew Barker connects with Johnnie Dix for 18 yards. 1st and goal for the East

Miles Joseph [3:06 PM]:

TD negated because of excessive celebration

Charles Doss [3:05 PM]:


Charles Doss [3:04 PM]:

Holmes just adding to his impressive day, a sack, a forced fumble and now a fumble recovery for a score

Charles Doss [3:04 PM]:

Jayln Homes scoops up a fumble and takes it over 50 yards for a East TD

Miles Joseph [3:03 PM]:

Jalyn Holmes returns a fumble 60 yards for 6

Luke Zimmermann [3:01 PM]:

Totally missed the Whitley flip. Dude’s looked good.

Miles Joseph [2:58 PM]:

Not a good day for the East team… Failed 4th and 5 gives West the ball at the East 40.

Miles Joseph [2:57 PM]:

East attempts a screen to Demarre Kitt.. Damon Webb blows it up.

Charles Doss [2:55 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Huge pick up for the Trojans

Miles Joseph [2:54 PM]:

Dixon to USC…. Thought he was UCLA bound…

Luke Zimmermann [2:54 PM]:

Thought UCLA might’ve gotten that one.

Matt.lawrence [2:53 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Thanks!

Luke Zimmermann [2:51 PM]:

@Matt.lawrence Yup, we’ve got you:

Miles Joseph [2:50 PM]:

West leads 21-0

Miles Joseph [2:50 PM]:

Nice run by Heard. He’d look great in Ohio State’s offense… And another nice tackle by Erick Smith.

Charles Doss [2:49 PM]:

Dante Sawyer with a nice sack for the East squad

Matt.lawrence [2:49 PM]:

Does anyone know a stream where I can watch this? My local cable provider is in an contract argument and cut NBC off the air in our area?

Charles Doss [2:43 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Kyle Allen is going to have some nice targets over the next few years

Luke Zimmermann [2:41 PM]:

6-7 WR Frank Iheanacho commits to Texas A&M. Another big get for the Aggies after landing Speedy Noil earlier in the week at the Under Armour game.

Luke Zimmermann [2:40 PM]:

Special teams have been dreadful, but that was a nice wrap.

Luke Zimmermann [2:39 PM]:

3rd 11:08

Luke Zimmermann [2:35 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [2:35 PM]:

Budda Baker has to be my favorite name in this year’s USAAB

Miles Joseph [2:33 PM]:

Second half about to get underway in San Antonio

Luke Zimmermann [2:32 PM]:

@Vsnyder Possible he doesn’t actually report on Monday but I think when everything’s said and done, he’ll be a Buckeye.

Charles Doss [2:31 PM]:

@Vsnyder I do

Vsnyder [2:30 PM]:

Just saw Marcelys Jones crystal ball. You guys think he ends up a Buckaroo?

Charles Doss [2:29 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [2:28 PM]:

Marcelys Jones, NBD, just firing off a ton of RTs from the locker room at halftime:

Luke Zimmermann [2:27 PM]:

For some half time viewing, Houston and Vanderbilt are going toe-to-toe in the BBVA Compass Bowl or if hoops are more your flavor, Michigan State and Indiana are doing it up on CBS.

Charles Doss [2:23 PM]:

Holmes showed really nice speed off the edge. Seemed to be in the QB’s face a lot, had a sack and a force fumble

Luke Zimmermann [2:21 PM]:


Watch this: Erick Smith picks OSU

Watch Cleveland Glenville 4-star Erick Smith choose Ohio State at the 2014 U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

Miles Joseph [2:21 PM]:

Thomas, Holmes, and Smith were all very good in the first half

Luke Zimmermann [2:18 PM]:

OSU target Solomon Thomas ends the half on a high note and the West leads 14-0 at the break.

Miles Joseph [2:18 PM]:

Soloman Thomas ends in first half with a TFL… 14-0 West

Charles Doss [2:18 PM]:

Solomon Thomas with another big hit

Charles Doss [2:08 PM]:

Miles Joseph [2:06 PM]:

Awful job by the announcer today… Clifton Garrett is committed to LSUNOT undecided

Luke Zimmermann [2:01 PM]:

Sam Vecenie [2:01 PM]:

Also, hope someone tells Smith it’s “Ohio State University,” not University of Ohio State.

Luke Zimmermann [2:01 PM]:


Erick Smith commits to Ohio State

2014 Cleveland (OH) Glenville athlete Erick Smith is the latest player to verbally commit to Ohio State.

Sam Vecenie [2:00 PM]:

@Jmee15 yeah like it’s known they’re supposed to be a package deal. But still. It was funny.

James Mee [1:59 PM]:

Though I think they are both coming

James Mee [1:59 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Sounded like it, but I don’t think so

Sam Vecenie [1:58 PM]:

Lol did Erick Smith just declare for Marshon Lattimore too? lol

James Mee [1:58 PM]:

And BOOOOM!!!!

Vsnyder [1:58 PM]:


Miles Joseph [1:58 PM]:

Erick Smith is officially a Buckeye

James Mee [1:58 PM]:

@Charles Doss Cool thanks

Charles Doss [1:56 PM]:

@Jmee15 In the 4th Q

James Mee [1:56 PM]:

When is Latt up?

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:55 PM]:

They are so lost about Solomon Thomas.

Miles Joseph [1:55 PM]:

Erick Smith committing after the commerical

Charles Doss [1:54 PM]:

These announcers…..

Charles Doss [1:52 PM]:

@Christopher Jason Not as good as previous years but are sitting nice with players like 2014 OL Damien Mama & others

Miles Joseph [1:50 PM]:

@Christopher Jason Not too great right now, but they’re probably going to get some highly rated guys closer to signing day

Christopher Jason [1:49 PM]:

how is USC’s recruiting class? Seems relatively quiet this year

Sam Vecenie [1:49 PM]:

(OSU is up 26 at this point, by the way. It’s over.)

Sam Vecenie [1:49 PM]:


Charles Doss [1:49 PM]:

@Vsnyder Not sure he is a lock but I believe OSU has a very good chance in Solomon.

Miles Joseph [1:49 PM]:

@Vsnyder Nope… Don’t think these announcers know a lot about recruiting

Vsnyder [1:47 PM]:

Interesting to hear the announcer saying Solomon Thomas is pretty much guaranteed to OSU . Is that true?

Miles Joseph [1:47 PM]:

The second surprise of the day as Dwight Williams commits to UCLA

Miles Joseph [1:45 PM]:

Dwight Williams is next to announce. After that it’s Erick Smith.

Charles Doss [1:44 PM]:

Corbin Daly, who camped at Ohio State last summer, a one time Texas commit, has his punt blocked. Like Miles said, ugly first half for the ST units

Miles Joseph [1:43 PM]:

Ugly start on the special teams side for both teams

Charles Doss [1:42 PM]:

@fearthenut Yes sir

fearthenut [1:41 PM]:

has the army bowl started yet? my stream says it only starts at 4

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:40 PM]:

Yep. I think 2014 has more headlining players, but 2013 had some great depth players.

Charles Doss [1:39 PM]:

No surprise here, WR Jamil Kamara picks home state Virginia over Wisconsin, Pitt and others

Luke Zimmermann [1:39 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo 2013 might just play out that way, too.

Miles Joseph [1:38 PM]:

Kamara to UVA. They’re putting together a good class headlined by Andrew Brown and Quin Blanding

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:37 PM]:

OSU’s 2014 class will be a thing of beauty in a few years.

Miles Joseph [1:37 PM]:

Expect Erick Smith to shoot up in recruiting rankings after this week. Has been good in practice and now in the game

Luke Zimmermann [1:36 PM]:

@Christopher Jason Touché, I’d just rather them all be on Ohio State’s roster is all.

Christopher Jason [1:35 PM]:

B1G as a conference needs every recruit they can get

Charles Doss [1:35 PM]:

Jalyn Holmes showing a nice pass rush to force Kyle Allen to throw it away

Miles Joseph [1:35 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo Yep him and Smith off to a fast start

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:35 PM]:

Good pressure by Jalyn Holmes on the Allen rollout.

Luke Zimmermann [1:33 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Do. Not. Want.

Sam Vecenie [1:33 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo meh. you don’t love to see them giving up double digit ORebs to Nebraska. But whatever. No big deal.

Miles Joseph [1:33 PM]:

If Joe Mixon picks Wisconsin, we’ll see a lot of plays like that

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:32 PM]:

Rebounding seems to be an issue for this Ohio State team.

Luke Zimmermann [1:31 PM]:

@MaliBuckeye Dixon, Samuel, Booker Jr., Jones, and Holmes are joined by Lattimore and Smtih on the East with Damon Webb and Demetrius Knox (along with Solomon Thomas and Malik McDowell) on the West.

Miles Joseph [1:31 PM]:

Erick Smith with a nice open field tackle on 6-foot-7 WR Mark Andrews

Charles Doss [1:31 PM]:

Erick Smith with a great tackle

MaliBuckeye [1:31 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Thanks!!

Christopher Jason [1:31 PM]:

Nice play by Erick Smith

Sam Vecenie [1:31 PM]:

Loving is getting beat up on the defensive end today.

Miles Joseph [1:30 PM]:

The OSU commits/targets team and number are in here

Sam Vecenie [1:30 PM]:

ADV is somehow leading the Buckeyes in scoring today. Everyone is drunk.

Sam Vecenie [1:29 PM]:


MaliBuckeye [1:29 PM]:

Sorry if I missed it guys- did you break down who is on which team (re: OSU commits)?

Luke Zimmermann [1:28 PM]:

ADV, doin’ big things

Charles Doss [1:27 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Nice. It was only a matter of time before they put it together today

Sam Vecenie [1:24 PM]:

Oh by the way, Ohio State has pulled away from Nebraska. Up 16. 10:41 left.

Miles Joseph [1:24 PM]:

Grier had Buckeye commit Johnnie Dixon, but the ball was underthrown

Miles Joseph [1:22 PM]:

Last night 11 decisions were expected, but it dropped to 9 overnight with DT’s Matt Elam and Elisha Shaw no longer deciding

Luke Zimmermann [1:21 PM]:

Charles Doss [1:21 PM]:

Wallace picks Arkansas over Alabama, who was thought as his leader

Charles Doss [1:20 PM]:


Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:20 PM]:

Whoa, Arkansas for Brian Wallace. He wants to go to Bert?

Miles Joseph [1:20 PM]:

Brian Wallace to Arkansas… Very surprising.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:18 PM]:

Wonder what A&M’s offense will be like with Allen at QB.

Luke Zimmermann [1:17 PM]:

@Miles Joseph Not out of the question. His mental preparedness to play at the next level reminds me of Christian Hackenberg.

Miles Joseph [1:17 PM]:

Brian Wallace would’ve been perfect for in-state Iowa, but he’s Bama bound

Miles Joseph [1:17 PM]:

Allen’s my top guy… Think he could start for A&M next year

Luke Zimmermann [1:15 PM]:

Kyle Allen is still maybe my second favorite QB in this class, and he probably has the highest ceiling. Wish he would’ve considered OSU a little more seriously.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:15 PM]:

That’s essentially what I thought re: Roby. People are selfish to criticize him for not playing through injury.

Sam Vecenie [1:15 PM]:


Charles Doss [1:14 PM]:

2014 OL Brian Wallace is about to make his college announcement between Alabama & Arkansas. #RollTide should be adding another quality commitment in a few minutes

Sam Vecenie [1:14 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann spectacular job sealing his guy off and handling the double team there. Holy crap.

Luke Zimmermann [1:13 PM]:

Amir can do that?!

Charles Doss [1:12 PM]:

OSU target Solomon Thomas getting in the backfield and causing some havoc from his DE position

Sam Vecenie [1:11 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo I kind laid some people out to dry on Twitter yesterday for saying bad things about him. I don’t understand it at all. Guy is hurt. We don’t have details.

Luke Zimmermann [1:10 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo I think anyone criticizing him or insinuating he was being selfish by not playing needs to put down the bottle and/or get their heads checked out.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:09 PM]:

Just out of curiosity, what does everyone think of Roby’s comments on Twitter yesterday after the game?

Charles Doss [1:08 PM]:

I think Smith and Lattimore were just having some fun yesterday. IMO, they will both be Buckeyes but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them maybe take a visit or two before signing day.

Sam Vecenie [1:08 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [1:07 PM]:

Amir Williams probably could have been a bit stronger in help defense on that Petteway lay in. Still up 8.

Luke Zimmermann [1:07 PM]:

Damn, Aaron Craft, why you gotta be so slick?

Miles Joseph [1:06 PM]:

Yeah they’ll end up at the same place… Very interested to see what Jones does though/

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:05 PM]:

Mainly because I heard Erick Smith was considering Kentucky and the two (Smith and Lattimore) seemed like a package deal.

Sam Vecenie [1:05 PM]:

THATS A POCKET PASS! POCKET PASS! Scott to Williams for a dunk. AND ONE.

Sam Vecenie [1:05 PM]:

Second half is underway in Columbus for Nebraska-OSU.

Miles Joseph [1:04 PM]:

Kentucky isn’t even a finalist for Lattimore. Kentucky is a real threat for Marcelys Jones though.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [1:03 PM]:

No fear of Lattimore and Smith to Kentucky? A lot of rumors in the past week swirling about that.

Miles Joseph [1:01 PM]:

Erick Smith announcing in the 2nd quarter and Marshon Lattimore in the 4th quarter. Expect both to be Buckeyes.

Miles Joseph [1:00 PM]:

Amy Bowl coverage just started on NBC… Kickoff just minutes away.

Luke Zimmermann [1:00 PM]:

For those of you tuning in for our Army Bowl coverage, we’re mere minutes from the action getting underway.

Sam Vecenie [12:55 PM]:

No Slim Jim, I do not want to give my gift of meat to you. Stop playing this god forsaken commercial.

Sam Vecenie [12:51 PM]:

I’m pretty sure this Slim Jim Meat Stick commercial is BTN’s version of the Nissan commercial from last night.

Sam Vecenie [12:48 PM]:

Also, this happened:

Sam Vecenie [12:48 PM]:

OSU leads 40-30 at half

Chris Barnewall [12:48 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Was the alley-oop too low or was the jump too high?

Sam Vecenie [12:47 PM]:

I’m pretty sure Shannon Scott just threw the lowest alley-oop in NCAA history. Thompson brings it down, attempts a lay up and is fouled.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:46 PM]:


Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:46 PM]:

Can Urban hire That as his defensive coordinator?

Sam Vecenie [12:45 PM]:


Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:45 PM]:

Nice to see Craft hit a 3. Any offense out of our guards is fantastic.

Sam Vecenie [12:45 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann oh god I think I was ready to vomit on those mechanics when that shot went up.

Charles Doss [12:45 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [12:44 PM]:


Charles Doss [12:43 PM]:

In recruiting news: 2016 Gahanna Lincoln forward, Matthew Moyer is sitting behind the bench

Sam Vecenie [12:42 PM]:

Having said that though, it was interesting the way OSU defending that sideline pick-and-roll. Looked like they ICE-d it with Scott jumping on the ball handlers hip. More of an NBA thing that has been trickling down to the NCAA recently.

Sam Vecenie [12:41 PM]:

That was adventurous by Smith.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:40 PM]:

For those who need something to watch during commercials, Arsenal-Tottenham is on FOX.

Sam Vecenie [12:38 PM]:

I’d be curious to see the # of Amir Williams buckets that Shannon Scott assists. It has to be higher than any other combination on OSU, right?

Charles Doss [12:38 PM]:

Scott knocks down his 2nd three of the game. He has really been showing more confidence on the offensive end the last couple games

Sam Vecenie [12:37 PM]:

Shannon Scott another 3!

Sam Vecenie [12:35 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo (I should mention this is BTN 2 GO)

Sam Vecenie [12:35 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo yeah. I use my parents’ log-in information, who live in Pittsburgh still.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:35 PM]:

Sam, do you get BTN out in LA?

Sam Vecenie [12:35 PM]:

Speaking of this conversation on the broadcast: Better football safety, Aaron Craft or Pitt Brown?

Sam Vecenie [12:32 PM]:


Charles Doss [12:32 PM]:

Ross knocks down a pretty trey for his points of the game and Aaron Craft does Aaron Craft things. Bucks are finally heating up, leads Nebraska, 27-22

Sam Vecenie [12:32 PM]:

Q! FROM DEEP IN THE Q! (Whoops, sorry. I put on my Austin Carr hat for a second there!)

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:31 PM]:

Craft makes it look too easy on defense.

Sam Vecenie [12:29 PM]:

1 7:43

Charles Doss [12:28 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie I think so too hah

Charles Doss [12:28 PM]:

Marc Loving showing off the jumper for 2

Sam Vecenie [12:28 PM]:

Pretty sure Trey McDonald knocked that one in.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:26 PM]:

Ohio State might have to start hitting some free throws if they want to win.

PyroKinesis [12:25 PM]:

Ah I see.

Charles Doss [12:25 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie I agree. I have been impressed all season with his play off the bench. He has a very bright future

Sam Vecenie [12:25 PM]:

The club music at the Schott looks like it just fits Amadeo well.

Miles Joseph [12:24 PM]:

The chat is for the basketball game and the army game

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:23 PM]:

The Italian!

PyroKinesis [12:23 PM]:

How did the link change without me refreshing the page? Now it’s a chat about the Army game?

Sam Vecenie [12:23 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo lol that’s funny you say that because I’m actually in PST right now (live in LA), and for me it’s in EST.

Charles Doss [12:22 PM]:

Marc Loving knocks down a pair of free throws to give OSU the lead, 14-16

Sam Vecenie [12:22 PM]:

WHOA Marc Loving can kind of fly. I’m pretty much all in on him right now for the future.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:22 PM]:

Why is this in PST?

Sam Vecenie [12:21 PM]:

Sam Thompson a floater, he ties that game at 14 with 10 mins left in the first.

Sam Vecenie [12:21 PM]:

Chaz Doss comin at ya live!

Charles Doss [12:20 PM]:

Whats up? Nice bucket by Thompson. Hopefully that gets the Bucks going

Sam Vecenie [12:19 PM]:

I’m pretty sure the DJ is attempting to set up a club in the Schott today with his music choices. I think we now know where the Charlie Bear DJ got a new job.

Chris Barnewall [12:19 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie That’s because you’re a cheater.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:19 PM]:

That’s what they want you to think.

Sam Vecenie [12:18 PM]:

@Chris Barnewall I’m supposed to be getting my Xbox One in the mail today, so my sports soul should be markedly better after that happens because I can control outcomes.

Chris Barnewall [12:17 PM]:

Sam how much more damage to your poor sports soul can you take? In other words, how much does OSU have to lose by before you break?

Sam Vecenie [12:16 PM]:

I know OSU is losing early, but at least they aren’t Pitt. TJ Warren goes off for five straight points and Pitt is down 15-2 early vs. NC State.

Luke Zimmermann [12:15 PM]:

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:14 PM]:

Matt Millen got the best of me.

Luke Zimmermann [12:14 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo Welcome friend. Let the healing begin.

Luke Zimmermann [12:14 PM]:

Petteway can play. See a D-League future for that dude.

Sam Vecenie [12:13 PM]:

@Hurtin’Buckaroo GOAT name ever.

Hurtin'Buckaroo [12:13 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [12:13 PM]:

Shannon Scott from 3! He has 14 3s already this season, or two more than he made throughout his first two seasons combined.

PyroKinesis [12:13 PM]:

Looks like I’m the only one here without a star. You might not know it now, baby but I are, I’m a star.

Luke Zimmermann [12:13 PM]:

What are the odds this slow start is directly related to the Orange Bowl ending circa 1 a.m. ET?

Luke Zimmermann [12:12 PM]:

@Sam Vecenie Beats the hell out of “Roar”. #toosoon #deadinsidelikesyedfromlost

Sam Vecenie [12:11 PM]:

DJ at the Schott jamming “I Like It” by Enrique. They should probably just rock “Hero” every time Aaron Craft scores.

Luke Zimmermann [12:09 PM]:

Nebraska is apparently blowing shit up and giving out PhDs for that. #B1G

Sam Vecenie [12:09 PM]:

Ray Gallegos is smoking hot from 3 early. At the first commercial break, OSU down 8-6 against Nebraska with Amir Williams on the FT line.

Luke Zimmermann [12:07 PM]:

@PyroKinesis Srsly

PyroKinesis [12:07 PM]:

No T-Ham? Shame.

Sam Vecenie [12:06 PM]:

So Aaron Craft: not the best shooter in America so far today.

Luke Zimmermann [12:06 PM]:

Would be nice if Craft decided, yanno, make a free throw.

Sam Vecenie [12:05 PM]:

Hey guys, what’s going on? I’ll be watching the the Ohio State-Nebraska game so you don’t have to!

Luke Zimmermann [12:04 PM]:

Y’all see that Matt Elam, the big DT and Ohio State offeree (though not seriously considering the Bucks) will no longer be announcing this afternoon?

Luke Zimmermann [12:02 PM]:

Sup, Shannon Scott? 2-0, Bucks.

Miles Joseph [12:02 PM]:

Hey everyone. Looking forward to chatting during the game

Luke Zimmermann [12:01 PM]:

Aaaand we’re off.