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Eric-Glover Williams' Ohio State offer in jeopardy?

Ohio State's first 2015 commit may be in jeopardy of having his offer pulled, per a report.

According to a report from Todd Porter of the Canton Repository, Ohio State's first commit for the class of 2015, Eric-Glover Williams, may be in jeopardy of having his offer pulled by Urban Meyer's Buckeye coaching staff.

Primarily recruited by Mike Vrabel, the 247 Composite 4-star cornerback/athlete is said to have certain off the field issues looked into by the coaches. Porter evidently asked Meyer as discretely as possible about disciplinary situations (which specific to EGW, Sports Ohio's Marcus Hartman alluded to having heard about as well). The Buckeyes' head man addressed them as such:

"When I first started 20 years ago, you didn't know much," Meyer said. "You know everything now. I have people where it's their full-time jobs ... that's what they do. They monitor Facebook and Twitter and tweets and all that stuff. We have to find out - I want to know because we're held responsible for all those guys.

"This is an era, a generation that ... 18, 19, 20-year-olds, we know everything that's going on every day because of what goes on these cellphones. Think about that for a minute, 18, 19,20-year-olds. So it's a big part of what we do. Huge."

Meyer knew the question was coming from a reporter in Canton. He had a slight smirk on his face when it was being asked.

Whether there's any fire where there's smoke or not, this certainly isn't welcome news to start a long post-college football offseason, particularly regarding a player that had stood out at Ohio State's Friday Night Lights 2013 this past summer and who's commitment had been heralded as the start to another outstanding Meyer class.

Williams is currently rated as the 65th best player in the 2015 class per the 247Composite rankings, the 6th best cornerback, and the 3rd best player out of the state of Ohio.