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Podcast: Breaking down Ohio State-Maryland w/ Pete Volk of Testudo Times

Ohio State jumps into Big Ten play this Saturday, so take a listen and get informed about their next big opponent, Maryland.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

After going 3-1 in their non-conference games, Ohio State is about to start their Big Ten season with a trip to...Maryland, which is very much now a Big Ten team. The Buckeyes will face a stiff test to their secondary, and a potentially rowdy crowd in what will be the first Big Ten game played at Maryland for the Terps.

To help us understand what's going on at the game this Saturday, we brought back our friend, Pete Volk at Testudo Times, to break down the big matchups, where Maryland is vulnerable and where they can attack Ohio State, what makes this program secretly Big Ten as all hell, and most importantly, what you should eat when you're there.

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Topics covered on this show include:

  • Which QB is starting against Ohio State, and what do they each bring to the table?
  • Who are important names to know outside of Diggs and Long for Maryland's offense?
  • What can Maryland do to take away Ohio State's power running game that has paced them so well over the last two games?
  • What's the crowd going to be looking like, and what does this game mean for Maryland?
  • Maryland also has a pound and a half crab pretzel. Why should I eat this, and what else should I eat?
Thanks for listening.