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Podcast: Penn State, Rutgers and more with The Solid Verbal's Ty Hildenbrandt

Ohio State's schedule is about to take an East Coast swing, and who better to break that down than one of the hosts of the best college football podcast?

Alex Goodlett

We're glad you are listening to Hangout in the Holy Land. We think it's a pretty okay podcast that will only continue to get better. If you want another podcast in your rotation though, you really ought to add The Solid Verbal to your regular repertoire. Dan and Ty have been cranking out a biweekly show for years, hitting all the big national stories in college football, while being funny, informative and engaging. It'll improve even the crappiest commute.

Ty is based in Eastern PA, and since Ohio State is about to head into the eastern leg of their schedule, with Rutgers and Penn State up over the next two weeks, we thought we'd have Ty on to share his thoughts on those schools, the biggest national stories of the weekend, and Ty's outsider perspective on just how good Ohio State can be. Also, we talk about casinos and New Orleans. What, did you expect a 40 minute show just about Rutgers? C'mon.

If you subscribe to the show on iTunes, you may already have the show on your device of choice, so you should probably do that. If you want to join that group, go here to subscribe to HITHL via iTunes. If you do, you should leave us a nice review on iTunes! You can also check out our previous episodes here. Or, you could just listen below. That works, too.

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Topics discussed on this episode include:

  • A breakdown of casinos, and a discussion of the "rules" in New Orleans
  • How much of Penn State's offensive struggles are a result of questionable coaching, and how much are a product of their sanctions?
  • What are reasonable expectations for Penn State over the rest of the year?
  • Is it time to buy on Rutgers now at 5-1? Can they beat Ohio State, or at least, cover the spread?
  • Gary Nova...Top-3 Big Ten QB?!
  • How good is Ohio State, and do they still have a playoff chance?
  • A roundup of the national picture
  • The most heartbreaking ways to lose, and where a missed extra point falls on that list

We will have a call-in show again right after the final whistle of the Ohio State-Rutgers game this Saturday. Thanks for listening.