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Ohio State football history: Buckeyes beat Oberlin, 128-0

On Oct. 14, 1916, the Buckeyes earned their greatest margin of victory in program history, defeating Oberlin College 128-0.

The Ohio State University

When Rutgers comes into Ohio Stadium to face the Buckeyes for the first time in program history this Saturday, they will do so as 19.5-point underdogs. Whatever the final score may be on Saturday, it likely won't come close to the Buckeyes' greatest margin of victory, which came in a 128-0 victory over in-state rival Oberlin College during the 1916 season.

1916 was a stellar season for the Buckeyes, led by one of the all-time greats, Chic Harley. The Buckeyes outscored their opponents 258-29 that season, and Ohio State was named Western Conference Champions at the end of the season. There were thrilling games along the way, like a 7-6 win over Illinois and a 14-13 win over Wisconsin as the Badgers came to Ohio Field undefeated and left with championship hopes dashed. But the most dominant win for the Buckeyes in 1916, and to this day, was the 128-0 victory over Oberlin on Oct. 14.

Ohio State scored touchdowns on their first two offensive plays, and it was all downhill from there. The score was 33-0 by the end of the first quarter, and a staggering 67-0 at the half. Fullback Dick Boesel had four touchdowns, and halfback Fred Norton had five touchdowns. The final score of 128-0 stands 98 years later as the greatest margin of victory in program history, the most points scored by the Buckeyes in a single game, and the only time Ohio State has scored over 100 points in a single game.

Oberlin's football program was founded by John Heisman -- you may have heard of him, or at least you've heard of the trophy that is his namesake. Oberlin has a pretty storied football history, and while things certainly didn't go their way on that October day in 1916, Oberlin was the last in-state school to actually beat Ohio State, defeating the Buckeyes, 7-6, in 1921. Based on this season's performances against the University of Cincinnati and Kent State, Oberlin seems likely to hold onto that distinction for a while longer.