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Why is this news?: Rise of Ezekiel Elliott, why Jeff Heuerman went to No. 5, Ohio Stadium concert

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All the big Ohio State news in one place.

Ezekiel Elliott had a career-best game against Cincinnati on Saturday night
Ezekiel Elliott had a career-best game against Cincinnati on Saturday night
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

"It doesn't matter if it's pass or run, Ezekiel is going to give you 110 (percent) every down, every snap. Even if he is faking, Zeke is probably going to run 15 yards after he doesn't have the ball. That's the person he is and we really appreciate him."

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett on running back Ezekiel Elliott

Ohio State fans saw glimpses of what Ezekiel Elliott could do last year in mostly mop-up duty for Carlos Hyde, but Saturday night against Cincinnati might have been the coming out party for the sophomore running back. With 182 yards on the ground and another 51 receiving yards, Elliott made quite the impression. Coming into Saturday's game there had been questions on whether Elliott was ready to replace Carlos Hyde, who made quite an impact last year on the ground despite missing the first few games of the year. This week fans aren't quite hearing as many questions as to whether Elliott can fill the big shoes left by Hyde.

One of the reasons Ohio State fans might have seen some suspect play from Elliott earlier in the season could've been due to a nagging wrist injury that Elliott suffered in preseason camp. Having just came off a bye week, Elliott looked to be at 100% and looked to be showing a lot more physical running style than was shown in the first three games. Even with the early struggles, Elliott is still learning as he is just a sophomore. Elliott certainly has the gifts to be a great Ohio State running back, and if he can build off what was shown on Saturday, Buckeye fans are going to be happy to watch him for a number of years.

"He was like, 'You should wear 5 this year.' I'm like, ' Ahh, come on, bro.' He was like, ' Nah, seriously.' I'm like 'All right.'"

Jeff Heuerman on wearing Braxton Miller's number

After seeing tight end Jeff Heuerman wearing number 86 for the Buckeyes last year, fans might have had to do a double-take when seeing Heuerman sporting number 5 this year for Ohio State. Heuerman said yesterday that the switch of his uniform number was the idea of the man who was supposed to be on the field wearing that number, Braxton Miller. Just weeks before the season Miller was ruled out for the year due to another shoulder surgery, and while he can't be out on the field with his teammates, he is out there in spirit.

Heuerman also gave people an update on how Miller is doing as the quarterback recovers from his injury. While Miller can't be out on the field with his teammates, he definitely hasn't disappeared from the team. Seeing Miller at the WHAC is a common theme as he rehabs in hopes of returning to the football field next year. Miller also makes sure to be there for his teammates on gamedays, since while it has to hurt not being able to be out there with his teammates, he does his best to be there for them and support them. Hopefully there is still some magic left in the number 5 and Heuerman can channel it to help the Buckeyes in their quest the rest of the way for a Big Ten title.

"I think the last couple weeks are a tribute to the work that we've put in during practice, just stepping up and working even harder. We don't want to leave that bad impression with anyone."

Maryland cornerback Jeremiah Johnson

When Maryland takes the field against Ohio State on Saturday, they'll be tasked with trying to contain J.T. Barrett, who became the first Buckeye quarterback since Troy Smith in 2005 to throw for 300 yards in back-to-back games. The Terrapins were victimized earlier in the year when West Virginia quarterback Clint Trickett threw for over 500 yards against them. Since then Maryland has rebounded with solid performances against Syracuse and last week against Indiana, where cornerback William Likely had a interception return for a touchdown.

While Ohio State made provide more weapons on offense than the previous two opponents, the Maryland secondary certainly does have the talent to be able to keep up with the Buckeyes, with Johnson and Likely leading the way. It sounds as if Maryland's defensive backs do understand what they did wrong against West Virginia and are making the adjustments to make sure it doesn't happen again. Even with the massive numbers that Barrett has put up recently, he is still young and will have to choose his spots against a veteran Maryland secondary.

"It was so hard to get a critical number (of attendees) to make a profit. For a while, they really didn't do a lot of stadium shows, particularly in the Midwest."

Ohio State vice president and athletic director Gene Smith

For the first time in over a decade Ohio Stadium is slated to host a concert. A two-day country music concert is in the works, and is expected to generate an estimated $30 million dollars in revenue in the Columbus area. The last time Ohio Stadium hosted a concert was in 2003 when the trio of Metallica/Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit came to town.The lack of concerts at The Horseshoe hasn't been due to lack of trying though, as Gene Smith has been trying to bring a concert to the stadium since 2005.

Xen Riggs, associate vice president for Student Life, has been working to bring some of the "biggest stars in country music" to the two-day show. One of the reasons for the lack of concerts at Ohio Stadium has been how hard it is to fill the stadium and still make a profit. Buckeye Country Superfest, as it is being called, is being modeled after Bayou Country Superfest, which is held yearly at LSU's Tiger Stadium. The good news for Buckeye fans is that the concert is scheduled to take place on June 20th and 21st, so it won't have any impact on football Saturdays in the fall.