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Why is this news?: Ohio State's Evan Spencer practiced great catches as a kid, Terrelle Pryor works out with Giants

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Ohio State before the game against Rutgers.
Ohio State before the game against Rutgers.
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

"We'd toss the ball to each other and act like we were doing something spectacular, we'd land on the bean bag, then it was the other guy's turn."

- Evan Spencer, via Tim May, The Columbus Dispatch

If you somehow missed Evan Spencer's excellent touchdown reception against Rutgers this past weekend, I'd recommend you take a look right now. After the excitement of the game, and a clobbering of a Big Ten opponent, Spencer opened up about the one-handed grab that made Sportscenter's Top Ten plays:

"'My brother and I did stuff like that all the time growing up,' the Ohio State senior receiver said yesterday." If you were a football fan growing up as a kid, I'm sure you can remember times where you threw the ball up to yourself or a friend or even a sibling, and tried to come down with it in fancy ways. Imitating some of your favorite receivers and moments was always a good way to spend the afternoon in the backyard. Fortunately for Spencer, the wide receiver got to live out his childhood dream of making a great catch for a touchdown, though this isn't the first time Spencer has wowed spectators with his hands.

Terrelle Pryor continues bouncing around the ranks of the free agency tryouts, this time with the New York Giants. Pryor was cut earlier this year at the end of the preseason by the Seattle Seahawks and has been looking for a new home ever since. Making stops at Tampa Bay and Cincinnati along the way, now Pryor looks to impress the Giants coaching staff enough for a spot on the roster.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised with how much trouble Pryor is having in finding a new team, considering his remarkable athletic ability. Pryor has even gone as far to say that he'd be willing to play wide receiver and has even tried out with teams as a receiver. Hopefully someone will be willing to take the former Ohio State star, because there's too much athleticism and talent there not to utilize it.

"It'll be different. You spend 18 years in one place for a long time and then you walk back in there on a different sideline. But I'm looking forward to going back, and I'm looking forward to going back with Ohio State University."

- Larry Johnson, via Josh Moyer, ESPN

After Mike Vrabel headed for the NFL after last season, Ohio State came away with one of the top recruiters and defensive line coaches in the country in Larry Johnson. Once it was announced that James Franklin would be taking over at Penn State, Johnson landed with the Buckeyes and will now be heading back to Penn State for the first time as a Buckeye. Johnson coached at Penn State from 2000 to 2013, so there's no question that returning to Beaver Stadium will mean a lot to him.

"I had a great time there for 18 years. I got to be part of their lives for a long time. It's a new job, a new place and a new school, so I'm looking forward to coming back."

"Like a lot of guys, he wasn't a good practice player last year. And in the classroom (he could have been doing better) and he was lazy. Typical young guy. Great person. Comes from an unbelievable family."

- Urban Meyer, via the Big Ten Teleconference

Jalin Marshall has been one of many bright spots on this Ohio State team, despite all of the adversity he has faced up to this point. Coming in as a five-star quarterback prospect, the Buckeyes recruited Marshall as a wide receiver/athlete. After Marshall finally got over not playing quarterback at the next level and bought into playing as a receiver, he suffered injuries that ended his season.

Now, finally healthy and his mind right, Marshall has become one of the key playmakers for the Buckeyes this season. Marshall has two touchdowns this season, but has provided plenty of headaches for opposing defenses as they try to keep up with him and Dontre Wilson zig-zagging their way across enemy lines.

Meyer praised Marshall for turning his career at Ohio State into something productive. "And now here's a kid who is one of our better practice players, does well in school, a gentlemen and a guy that represents Ohio State the right way. So, it's great to see young people grow up and he's done a great job."