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Why is this news?: Jim Tressel, 3 Ohio State greats make 2015 College Football Hall of Fame ballot

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

Jim Tressel is one of the Buckeyes representing Ohio State for the 2015 College Football Hall of Fame ballot
Jim Tressel is one of the Buckeyes representing Ohio State for the 2015 College Football Hall of Fame ballot
Mitchell Leff

"Three Ohio State Buckeye football greats - RB Keith Byars, LB Tom Cousineau and FB Jim Otis - and former coach Jim Tressel are each on the 2015 College Football Hall of Fame ballot for possible induction."

- Ohio State Buckeyes athletic website

The National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame announced the names of players on the 2015 ballot, including 75 players and six coaches from the Football Bowl Subdivision and 87 players and 25 coaches from the divisional ranks.

Representing Ohio State were Keith Byars, Tom Cousineau, Jim Otis, and former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel. The announcement determining whether or not they'll be a part of the 2015 class will be on Jan. 9, just days before the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship.

Each of the aforementioned members on the ballot has a great case to make the College Football Hall of Fame, even if it's later down the line. Their names are forever etched in Ohio State history at least, and won't be soon forgotten.

"We do believe it is a total team effort that provides individual success as well as program success. In everyday teaching, that has to be creatively reinforced on a daily basis. The more a guy can have that mindset, the more he's going to add production to the team as a whole."

- Stan Drayton, via Austin Ward, ESPN

ESPN's Austin Ward highlighted the Ohio State running backs on Wednesday, with a headline that read "The Buckeyes' band of brothers." As the article shows the reader, the Buckeye rushing attack has been receiving solid numbers from multiple players that were the number one guys at their respective high schools. Coming in to Ohio State changed that, since there were talent levels similar to theirs.

The article explains Ohio State running backs coach Stan Drayton's philosophy on how to manage some of the egos that might be in the room when the running backs meet together. Drayton's task is to get each individual to buy in to a team effort, despite what they may think is the best way to help Ohio State win in their own way. Now, you see the likes of Ezekiel Elliott, Rod Smith, and Curtis Samuel all getting their fair share when it counts and where they can make the most impact. For example, so far this season we've seen the most of Rod Smith near the endzone, where he's been able to score four touchdowns.

"...He joins soon-to-be-ousted Michigan coach Brady Hoke in waiting for his walking papers. The Michigan and Florida jobs will drive a market that already includes four open jobs -- SMU, Troy, Kansas and Buffalo."

- Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans,

Pete Thamel and Thayer Evans over at Sports Illustrated haven taken an early peek at the soon to be coaching carousel, and that includes coaches that aren't yet a part of that, but most likely will be in the near future. The two big names to make the list are Will Muschamp from Florida and Brady Hoke from Michigan.

I can't really say it's a surprise that they're going with these two, although it is worth taking a look at some of the potential targets of each program. The article gives a perception vs. reality section, which in all honesty, is pretty funny. They name off the usual suspects for Michigan (Les Miles, Jim Harbaugh, etc.) as well, but I personally don't think it will end up happening for either of those two. Tom Herman, for what it is worth, is listed as a potential strong candidate for the SMU job.

"J.T. Barrett isn't only the first quarterback Meyer signed as the Buckeyes' coach, he also fits the ideal mold Meyer is looking for in the man who runs his offense."

- Bill Landis, Northeast Ohio Media Group

Bill Landis at Northeast Ohio Media Group is calling J.T. Barrett the ideal quarterback for Urban Meyer's system. As the article points out, Barrett isn't Braxton Miller when it comes to scrambling. Coach Meyer has been quoted as saying Miller is, "one of the best I've ever seen" at keeping plays alive, which you'll hear no arguments from me.

But because Barrett isn't Miller, and he doesn't juke or spin or be flashy when in trouble and just runs north-south, Landis says is the reason that he's exactly what Urban Meyer wants out of a quarterback.