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Why is this news?: New evidence filed by Ohio State against former band director Jonathan Waters

All the big Ohio State news in one place.

Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa sheds some light on the "sack shrug"
Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa sheds some light on the "sack shrug"
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

"After Waters was fired, OSU officials discovered a third sexual assault in the band while he was in charge, and they found several raunchy student-produced videos that sometimes included students who were partially nude. Waters sometimes appeared in the cameos, according to OSU."

Columbus Dispatch

After Jonathan Waters sued Ohio State last month saying that he was fired illegally, the university made their first legal rebuttal to the claims of Waters. With the new information, Ohio State has asked that the lawsuit of Waters against the university be dismissed. Ohio State is arguing that Waters was an at-will employee of the school, and had no contract. With the new evidence that the university has filed, Ohio State is hoping to show that they had just cause to fire the band leader.

Ohio State was already aware of two sexual assaults that happened within the band last year, one in April and another in October. The third, and newest allegation, came in March 2012 when a female member of the band reported to Waters that a male band member had assaulted her. Other new evidence that was submitted in Ohio State's filings included videos and calendars that featured band members, dating back to 2007, when Waters was the band's assistant director. Earlier today Deadspin released some of the images from a 2007 calendar that was titled "Boys of T-Row". With the new evidence it will be up to U.S. District Judge James L. Graham to decide if the case should be dismissed.

"It just happened. I guess a bunch of people liked it so I feel obliged, like I have to do it every time I get a sack."

Joey Bosa on "sack shrug celebration"

Have you been wondering where Joey Bosa's "sack shrug" came from? Well the sophomore shed some light on how it happened, and it might be the only thing about the defensive end that isn't entertaining. The Florida native said that the celebration came from "nowhere" but people liked it so much that he had to keep it. Now that the celebration has caught on, Bosa says that he has modeled the celebration after the shrug emoji.

There are some rules to the "sack shurg" though. While Bosa knows that fans are hoping he can drop the celebration at least once per game, if he does happen to record more than a sack he doesn't repeat the celebration, instead opting for something else. Also Bosa knows that he can't hold the shrug too long, something that almost got him into trouble against Maryland. After the near penalty against the Terrapins, Urban Meyer warned Bosa about getting a penalty for the celebration, so the defensive end knows to quickly flash the shrug. Buckeye fans hope that they see the "sack shrug" this Saturday night when Ohio State travels to Penn State, and Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin gave praise to Bosa for not only his combination of speed and quickness, but also for his power.

"Does national hype after just six games seem like a rush to judgment? Is that a case of 'irrational exuberance', as they say? Because a half-dozen games into his career as the Buckeyes' quarterback, J.T. Barrett is generating a level of enthusiasm that's threatening to outrun common sense."

Matt Hinton,

When Braxton Miller went down in August to a second shoulder surgery, many knew that redshirt freshman had talent, but many didn't know that he'd be this good this soon. Vegas dropped Ohio State's odds of winning the national championship from 10/1 to 18/1. Many knew there would be growing pains as Barrett got his feet wet, and many of those concerns came to light when the Buckeyes lost to Virginia Tech in the second week of the season.

Since the hiccup against Virginia Tech, Barrett has been on another planet in terms of his performance. In the last four games Barrett has accounted for 20 touchdowns, and Ohio State is back in the thick of the discussion for the College Football Playoff, with Vegas having returned their odds to win the national championship to 10/1. While the hype behind Barrett is gaining more steam, his head coach knows that there is room for improvement. This weekend's trip to Penn State will mark the first time that Barrett has faced a true road test, with over 100,000 Penn State fans in attendance for Saturday night's game. Another big performance could go a long way in not only adding heat to Barrett's Heisman hopes, but also keep Ohio State's playoff hopes rolling.

"The Buckeyes lack a standout, but the No. 8 recruiting class in the country should help them contend for the sixth conference title under Thad Matta."

Lindsay Schnell,

While college football is in full swing, the college basketball season is sneaking up on us, with the first Ohio State exhibition game a little more than two weeks away. Today released their Big Ten preview, and have the Buckeye sitting just behind Wisconsin. While the Badgers are pegged to be the clear-cut conference favorite with a 15-3 conference record predicted, the Buckeyes are projected as the runner-up with a 12-6 mark.

Wisconsin returns four of their five starters from last year, so it's easy to see why the media likes the Badgers. Ohio State does have seniors Shannon Scott, Sam Thompson, and Amir Williams returning, along with senior Temple transfer Anthony Lee in the mix. Along with the seniors, freshman D'Angelo Russell and Keita Bates-Diop are expected to make an impact for the Buckeyes. Bo Ryan picked up preseason Coach of the Year accolades, while Frank Kaminsky was tabbed as preseason Player of the Year. Maryland''s Melo Trimble was projected to be Big Ten Freshman of the Year.