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Penn State fans brought air horns to Ohio State's hotel at 4 a.m.

And a few Ohio State players aren't happy about it.

Jamie Sabau

When you're already double digit underdogs, and when your most glaring positional weakness is arguably the greatest strength of your opponent, maybe poking the proverbial bear isn't the smartest strategy. This is not the approach that Penn State fans allegedly took last night, if Ohio State football player twitter accounts are to be believed.

Here's linebacker Darron Lee:

And here's lineman Pat Elfein, making the accusations even more explicit:

Ohio State beat Penn State 63-14 last season,and with the team looking to climb back into the playoff picture, it's not like they're likely to lack motivation. Looks like they'll have another reason to be motivated for the game today.

Penn State apparently also talked a big game at a recent pep rally drawing the ire of arguably Ohio State's best defensive player:

You don't want to see Joey Bosa when he's angry.

As for the late night disturbance, at least with kickoff not until 8:00 p.m., there's probably a chance for some Buckeyes to still catch a nap if they really need one.