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Big Ten officials explain controversial missed interception replay ruling

B1G officials missed a big call (amongst a litany of mistakes) during Saturday's game. Here was their explanation for the biggest swing and miss.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the pool reporter transcript:


Penn State vs. Ohio State

October 25, 2014

Q: The Ohio State Interception in the first quarter, was there a problem with the two replay feeds on that?

O'Neill: The play technically was not throughly reviewed due to some technical difficulties with the equipment.

Q: In a case like that when the main feed and the back-up feed are not available, is there any provision that can you look at the in-house feed to get a back-up to get a look at that?

O'Neill: The feeds that the replay team looks at are the feeds you get at home. We can't create our own rules. The replay rules are clear that we have to use the equipment provided. So, Tom (Fiedler) and the team reviewed what they had.

Q: Then there's no provision to look at the in-house feed then?

O'Neill: Right.

Q: On Ohio State's 49-yard field goal, there were some television replays that looked like the clock had run out and maybe two or three seconds had passed the zeros when the clock had run out. Was there any review of that?

O'Neill: No.

Q: Is that something that if you see it in the booth that you can buzz down or is that not a situation that is reviewable?

Fiedler: That is not reviewable in terms of when the ball is snapped in relationship to the zeros on the clock.