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Joey Bosa to J.T. Barrett: 'You're welcome'

The Penn State game's MVPs share a cool moment.

Emotions were running high in the wake of one of the more physically and spiritually draining Ohio State football games in recent memories.

That went double for the players, who after two overtimes and a hard fought battle against an extremely physical team likely couldn't have been more spent.

Enter an awesome moment straight out of the best of  ... Entourage?

The defensive savior Joey Bosa (who had the game clinching sack of Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg) greeted the offensive hero J.T. Barrett (who scored both the game tying and go ahead touchdown) and in a completely genuine moment, like one brother would joke to another, Bosa kid 'You're welcome, b-----'.

The two then shared an embrace and decompressed after a win they won't forget anytime soon.

(Video/title card via Kevin Noon, Buckeye Grove)