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Twitter melts down for Joey Bosa's game winning sack

Ohio State fans and media are smothering Joey Bosa with love following his walk-off sack of PSU QB Christian Hackenberg.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Early this morning, Joey Bosa redeemed an anemic second-half offense and kept Ohio State's title dreams alive by obliterating PSU RB Akeel Lynch into QB Christian Hackenberg to end the Nittany Lion's upset bid.  Twitter reacted like Twitter does and gave us all the color commentary on that play we need:

This venerable website got in on the action too, posting Paul Keel's great call of the play:

and, because this will never get old, an alternate view of the sack:

Bosa kept his sense of humor after the game:

And definitely earned his good night's sleep.