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Podcast: Breaking down Ohio State-Illinois, and the College Football Playoff with Jason Kirk

We have a huge podcast breaking down all things Illinois, national stories, and more

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After that huge, emotional win over Penn State, and with all of the big Ohio State news dropping recently, the people deserve a podcast, nay, they demand it. So we're giving you one today WITH TWO GUESTS SPECIAL BONUS EDITION.

First, with chat with Matt over at the excellently named The Champaign Room to break down Illinois Football. Where is the talent? What happens with Tim Beckman, and where does the program go from here? Maybe to say, Ohio State's Tom Herman? Can the Illini cover the massive spread in this game? You will leave this segment enlightened and informed about Illinois football, and ready to impress your friends at the tailgate.

After a brief interlude where I go over some of the big Ohio State news, from the basketball team to the spring game to player dismissals, we chat with SB Nation College Football Editor Jason Kirk! Who talks about a national perspective on Ohio State, the Big Ten, and the playoff committee. Is it fair? Is it accurate? Can a Big Ten team crack the Top 4? Why are we so angry anyway? I dunno. You gotta listen.

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