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Ohio State recruiting: 2016 LB Koby Quansah talks Buckeyes interest

The four-star prospect hopes to add an offer from OSU to his list soon.

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Blessed with one of the best recruiting staffs in college football, Ohio State is always keeping a close eye out for talented high school prospects to potentially add to the Buckeyes roster.

Over the last couple months, class of 2016 linebacker Koby Quansah, the top overall junior in Connecticut, is one recruit OSU has stayed in touch with quite a bit.

"I've been in contact with Coach (Tim) Hinton, mostly giving him weekly calls, but I've also talked with Coach (Larry) Johnson," the 6'1, 215-pound four-star prospect stated to Land-Grant Holy Land.

"He recently visited my school and talked to my athletic director and got a good word from her about my character. Coach Hinton wants me to come down for a game. He says they like me, but I'm trying to get them to love me," Quansah added on his communication with the Buckeye assistant coaches.

So far this season, Koby, who plays both linebacker and running back for Kingswood-Oxford School in West Hartford, CT, has had one heck of a start to his junior campaign. Quansah has accounted for over 50 total tackles on defense, while also rushing for well over 300 yards, and multiple touchdowns out of the backfield for the 2-1 Wyverns.

Already with full-ride scholarship offers on the table from programs such as Boston College, Connecticut, Rutgers, and Syracuse, Quansah is hoping the Buckeyes coaching staff soon joins the list. Even if OSU does dish out a scholarship in the coming weeks, the East Coast standout wouldn't rush to name them as his leader.

"An offer from them would be really big. Just as big as getting one from Alabama. It would mean that I can compete at the highest level of college football day-in, day-out." said Koby. "When I think of OSU, I think family. I have some relatives that live in [the midwest], and it would be nice for them to come watch a game."

"If they offered, they would be even with everyone until I get close to narrowing my choices down. I say this because everyone gave me a fair chance, so I want to give everyone a fair chance as well."

Quansah has already made a couple unofficial college visits to Boston College and Rutgers this fall, and would like to take a few more this season. Ohio State, Maryland, and Duke are just a few of the possible campus trips he could make in the near future.

When it comes to his OSU trip, Koby is just trying to find the right exact time that works for not just the coaching staff, but also his family.

"I'm trying to come down for one [game]," he said. "My main problem is finding a ride because my mom works all the time, and can't take days off."