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This map shows just how important college football is to Ohio

The good people at the New York Times have attempted to quantify just how important college football is to Ohio.

We know that college football is important to Ohio, particularly to Columbus. But does it matter more than it does in Pennsylvania? What about Georgia? Or Jacksonville? Where does it matter the least? The New York Times Upshot blog, who gave us the last college football fandom map, have attempted to answer that question, once againusing Facebook data.

The Times tracked what percentage of each county "liked" college football on Facebook. As you'd probably expect, Alabama led the way, and South Carolina, Arkansas and Louisiana also made appearances in the Top 10. Ohio was also well represented, with 21 percent of the state registering as fans of college football, per the map. That number tended to be a little higher closer to campus, with 25 percent of Franklin County as fans, and with some of the highest percentages in the state in the counties due south of Franklin.

Ohio was third in the Big Ten, behind Nebraska and Iowa. Those two states don't have any professional teams to split fans with though, which Ohio has several, including a professional basketball outfit with some guy you might have heard of. Rural areas without pro sports teams tended to dominate, so Ohio's strong showing just goes to show how football mad the state is

Michigan was just a few spots below Ohio, at 19 percent. The New York/New Jersey area has some of the lowest percentages in the country, along with New England.