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Why is this news?: Traditional Mirror Lake jump to continue, Ohio State wrestlers keep momentum

All the big Ohio State news in one helpful place.

"Despite reports that the lake might be drained after university leaders were expected to choose a final design plan early this month, Administration and Planning spokesman Dan Hedman said the lake won't be touched during November - the month when students take to the water the Tuesday before the OSU-Michigan game."

Logan Hickman, The Lantern

The biggest rivalry game each year is preceded by thousands of Ohio State students jumping into the freezing waters of Mirror Lake, simply because it the coldest and wettest tradition on campus.

Unfortunately, the administration couldn't leave well-enough alone and last year implemented new rules for the anarchist ritual to try and ensure the safety of students and campus property. By enacting barricades and wrist-bands, Ohio State tried to contain the chaos, but ended up encouraging an unplanned jump the night before, which resulted in 1,500 fans stampeding the barricades and making the jump anyway a day early in addition to the traditional one.

In their continued effort to organize this intentionally unorganized event, Ohio State discussed draining Mirror Lake to rebuild and better the historical landmark. Had they finished the planning on time, this year's jump wouldn't be a possibility. Fortunately for the enthusiastic youngsters who want to be a part of this tradition, it doesn't look like they'll be ready to go before the Michigan game.

Thousands of new students will get their chance to claim they've made the jump and support their fellow Buckeyes on and off the field.  There is nothing quite like preparing for battle with your closest 10,000 friends, donned in scarlet and gray, tolerating freezing cold water all in the name of Ohio State tradition.

"A week after second-ranked Ohio State won four titles at the season-opening Michigan State Open, the Buckeyes continued their momentum this weekend by claiming four first-place finishes at the Mercyhurst Open."

-  Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State didn't just put a whooping on Michigan State in football on Saturday, the Buckeye wrestling team bested the Spartans on the mats last week in the season-opener as well. With an important conference win behind them, they carried that momentum over to the Mercyhurst Open in Pennsylvania over the weekend.

Johhni DiJulius has made quite an impact right out of the gate, winning his first two matches by landslides; as the Buckeyes prepare to face Northwestern later this week, he is someone people will start focusing on. Ohio State took first place in the 133-, 157-, 174- and 184-pound weight classes; Justin Kresevic was the runner-up in the 165lb category after having to medically forfeit the championship round.

With a litany of wins throughout the weight classes, Ohio State currently ranks second in the nation; the Buckeyes may only have had two matches this season but with such a strong start they have every chance to finish that way.

"With college hoops games starting Friday, time for the first bracket projection -- with (in order) Kentucky, Arizona, Wisconsin and Duke comprising our No. 1 seeds."

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports

Friday kicks-off college basketball season, and with a lot of schools no longer in the race for a College Football Playoff spot, fans will be tuning in in droves. With few surprises this early, the Buckeyes are an impressive No. 4 seed in the Midwest division.

Ohio State seems to prosper when they aren't at the top of the list, as evidenced by their lack of ability to stay No. 1 throughout the season. The No. 4 spot is a comfortable place to start, and allows a newly Aaron Craft-less team the chance to gain some momentum and make a push for a higher standing.

Despite a huge win over Michigan State on Saturday, one of the first questions people had was about the future of the quarterback position. J.T. Barrett has exceeded everyone's expectations and has really put the coaching staff in a tough spot with Braxton Miller wanting to come back and play next year.

The discussions have quickly shifted to Miller transferring; since he will be going for his Master's degree, he wouldn't be forced to take any time off should he decide to play somewhere else. Buckeye nation may be in a flurry over the situation, but Tom Herman "absolutely" expects Braxton Miller to come back to Ohio State next year.

Regardless of what happens, the fact that the Buckeyes have two championship caliber quarterbacks lining up for the starting spot is a good problem to have.