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Podcast: Minnesota-Ohio State, Braxton-J.T. controversy w/ Luke Zimmermann

We break down the big game this weekend, recruiting, basketball and more with our own Luke Zimmermann.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State may be riding high off their huge win last weekend, but they have another ranked team to tussle with this Saturday, as they travel to Minnesota to take on the No. 25 ranked Golden Gophers. But that isn't the only huge story in Ohio State land right now. We have the basketball team kicking off their season, we have questions about the QB depth chart, we have recruiting questions, and more. Who better to help us understand those big issues than our own Luke Zimmermann? Weird that he's only been on this iteration of the podcast like, twice.

Topics discussed on this show include the above, as well as a look at how I made all the Minnesota fans mad at me this week, where the Gophers may have an advantage against Ohio State, who might be the next guys to commit to Ohio State, Ohio State basketball opening night, and more.

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