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Podcast: Ohio State-Minnesota postgame show LIVE at 3:30

Maybe there have been more fun games than this one. Doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it. Join our LIVE postgame show.

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UPDATE: That's it for today's shows. Thanks for your calls (and for listening) as per usual. To see what you missed, click play below, subscribe on iTunes, or subscribe via RSS.


Come join us for a live call-in show as we break down today's big road, snowy win over Minnesota.  We'll be talking about turnovers, J.T. Barrett's #Speed, maybe a little celebration of Ohio State basketball's win over UMass Lowell, and really, anything else that you guys want to talk about.

It sure looked like Ohio State was going to blow the doors off of Minnesota, but turnovers and that David Cobb guy, along with some special teams problems, kept this game much closer than a lot of people expected, or what Ohio State fans would have wanted. The weather probably didn't help much either. A more stout defensive effort in the second half helped the Buckeyes pull away, but not enough to cover the spread, as Minnesota was just able to keep things interesting. What will the committee think? What do YOU think? Let us know.

So what are your thoughts on tonight's game? What does next week represent? You can call in at 215-383-3986 or tweet us at @Landgrant33 on Twitter with your ideas and questions. We go live at 3:30 EST.

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