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2014 Michigan Mirror Lake jump to require wristbands, be fenced off again

Ohio State's attempting to regulate the annual Mirror Lake jump once again.


For the second time in as many years, Ohio State is stepping in to regular and try and control the annual Mirror Lake jump. As first reported by The Lantern, Mirror Lake will once again be fenced off and require wristbands obtained at the Ohio Union in order to participate in the jump.

Each Michigan week, the Tuesday before the game (and Thursday prior to the game moving to Thanksgiving week), Ohio State students take the plunge into the frigid waters of the man-made on-campus lake to ensure the Buckeyes take down the Wolverines.

Last year, students were able to pick up the wristbands beginning the Sunday of Michigan week. A valid BuckID was required and only one band was issued per BuckID. This year students will be able to begin picking them up from Friday, Nov. 21, until the Tuesday of the jump at both the RPAC Welcome Center and the union.

Though the jump always produces its fair share of health/well being concerns, Ohio State seemingly regulating the event raises some interesting liability questions. You can only do so much to prevent the over consumption of alcohol as well cold water/temperature related incidents, but by putting a fence around things (which led students to do an protest jump last year), the university is taking on a degree of responsibility for what happens to the students on the scene.

After the Buckeyes took down Michigan State in the biggest win of the Urban Meyer era, a small number of students took the lake just after midnight and took an early celebratory plunge.

Similar to last year, here is a map from Ohio State of the designated entrance/exit areas:

Mirror Lake