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Ohio State partners with It's On Us to fight sexual assault

SB Nation is proud to be a part of the It's On Us campaign to fight sexual assault. And so is Ohio State.

You may noticed a lot of SB Nation writers have been using different Twitter avatars over the last few weeks, and you probably noticed that our logo here at Land-Grant Holy Land changed today too, along with all of the logos across the SB Nation network. We're doing this to raise awareness and support for the It's On Us campaign to stop sexual assault. Ohio State has joined that campaign as well.

It's On Us is a movement aimed at changing the way we think about sexual assault. The campaign is encouraging everyone to step up and realize that the solution begins with us. It's the acknowledgement that sexual assault isn't just an issue involving a victim and a perpetrator, but one that involves us all. It means taking responsibility for ourselves and each other. Speaking up when someone needs help. Looking out for someone who can't consent. Calling out our friends when they need called out.

As the campaign is titled, it's on us. All of us.

We here at SB Nation have taken the pledge promising to be a part of the solution. We encourage you to take the pledge with us.

You can also watch this quick video, from student leaders at Ohio State, on what this campaign is, and why preventing sexual assault is the responsibility of all of us.