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College Football Playoff rankings: Ohio State jumps up to 6

After a road win against a quality opponent and an Arizona State slip up, the Buckeyes move one spot closer to the cutoff line for the playoff

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State picked up another road win over a quality opponent, over Minnesota, who remains at 25 despite a loss,  and with Arizona State stumbling at Oregon State, Buckeye fans looked to see how high they would climb in this week's playoff rankings. Sitting at 9-1, the Buckeyes have now moved up to 6, the top spot in the Big Ten, but still behind a few other one loss teams in their quest to make the playoffs.

Ohio State likely only has one other potential quality game left on their schedule, in Wisconsin, should the Badgers make the Big Ten championship game. Wisconsin is at 16, while Nebraska, another potential championship game opponent should Wisconsin falter, sits at 23. Ohio State can clinch an appearance in the Big Ten championship game with a win against Indiana on Saturday.

It's clear that the Buckeyes will need a little bit of help to climb into the top four by the end of the season, as the relative weakness of the Big Ten, and a terrible loss to Virginia Tech, are keeping them down behind a few other teams. All is not lost though. TCU must still play a Texas team with a resurgent defense, and Baylor, down to 7, still has Kansas State on the schedule. Mississippi State has Ole Miss, Alabama has Auburn, and Florida State, now bereft of a real quality win themselves, may find themselves out of the top four should they stumble this season.

For now, Ohio State can only win the games on their schedule and hope things take care of themselves.

Rank Team Last week Week 12 result Toughest opponent left (per F/+) If the season ended today ...
1 Alabama (9-1) 5 Won 25-20 vs. No. 1 Mississippi State Auburn Sugar Bowl vs. Mississippi State
2 Oregon (9-1) 2 Idle Oregon State Rose Bowl vs. Florida State
3 Florida State (10-0) 3 Won 30-26 at Miami Boston College Rose Bowl vs. Oregon
4 Mississippi State (9-1) 1 Lost 25-20 at No. 5 Alabama Ole Miss Sugar Bowl vs. Alabama
5 TCU (9-1) 4 Won 34-30 at Kansas Texas New Year's bowl
6 Ohio State (9-1) 8 Won 31-24 at No. 25 Minnesota Michigan New Year's bowl
7 Baylor (8-1) 7 Idle Kansas State New Year's bowl
8 Ole Miss (8-2) 10 Idle Mississippi State Orange Bowl vs. Georgia Tech
9 UCLA (8-2) 11 Idle USC New Year's bowl
10 Georgia (8-2) 15 Won 34-7 vs. No. 9 Auburn Georgia Tech New Year's bowl
11 Michigan State (8-2) 12 Won 37-15 at Maryland Penn State New Year's bowl
12 Kansas State (7-2) 13 Idle Baylor
13 Arizona State (8-2) 6 Lost 35-27 at Oregon State Arizona
14 Auburn (7-3) 9 Lost 34-7 at No. 15 Georgia Alabama
15 Arizona (8-2) 14 Won 27-26 vs. Washington Arizona State
16 Wisconsin (8-2) 20 Won 59-24 vs. No. 16 Nebraska Minnesota
17 Utah (7-3) 23 Won 20-17 (2OT) at Stanford Arizona
18 Georgia Tech (9-2) 22 Won 28-6 vs. No. 19 Clemson Georgia Orange Bowl vs. Ole Miss
19 USC (7-3) NR Won 38-30 vs. Cal UCLA
20 Missouri (8-2) NR Won 34-27 at No. 24 Texas A&M Arkansas
21 Oklahoma (7-3) NR Won 42-30 at Texas Tech Oklahoma State
22 Clemson (7-3) 19 Lost 28-6 at No. 22 Georgia Tech South Carolina
23 Nebraska (8-2) 16 Lost 59-24 at No. 20 Wisconsin Minnesota
24 Louisville (7-3) NR Idle Notre Dame
25 Minnesota (7-3) 25 Lost 31-24 vs. No. 8 Ohio State Wisconsin