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Urban Meyer Michigan week press conference: This isn't just another game

Meyer's press conference remarks today reemphasize how this isn't just another week.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Meyer opens with saying how pleased they are they are going to the Big Ten championship game, but had to quickly out that behind them with this week.

Taylor Decker, Pat Elflin, Evan Spencer, Devin Smith, and Corey Smith were graded as offensive champions.. Player of the game was Ezekiel Elliot, and singled out Jalin Marshall as being outstanding.

Von Bell, Joey Bosa, Adolphus Washington were defensive champions. Mike Bennet the player of the game.

Special Teams player of the game was Jalin Marshall, to no surprise.

Meyer says that this week "isn't just another game", and that rivalry games, in general, aren't just like any other games. Impressed that upon Larry Johnson and Chris Ash as well. "That's the way it should be". Meyer says he wants his players to take ownership in their program, and Michigan week is part of that. "You want to have fun, and you have fun by singing the fight song in the locker room after you beat your rival."

Meyer also added that every day this week, they're going to add another nugget about the rivalry, just like they do throughout the year and in preseason camp, to make sure they are educated and understand what's at stake here.

Meyer also added that there are great players at Michigan, and they expect Michigan's best shot. He declined to speculate how Hoke's hot seat situation might impact the matchup or the emotional state of Michigan's players.

When asked if he sprinkled some Ohio State-Michigan rivalry at his other stops, Meyer talked about the huge emphasis he placed on rivalry games everywhere, since every other stop had a big rival.

Meyer was blown away by the leadership with the 2012 class, something he wasn't expecting, and says that those leaders are treated like royalty when they return. Losing Christian Bryant hurt last year from a leadership prospective. He added that Mike Bennett has been outstanding from a leadership perspective this season, but "this book isn't written yet". Still time for leaders to pop up.

When asked about the Indiana game, Meyer singled out the turnovers and two missed defensive plays on run defense, but said "I wouldn't say we're not hitting our stride right now", especially compared to how they looked during the first two weeks of the season.

When asked about the Wildcat, Meyer said they've dialed it back a little to keep the wear and tear off of Marshall. He added that Evan Spencer may need to help the team more at H-Back. He also added that Nick Vannett is playing really well, wishes he had Dontre Wilson though.

Meyer has no idea why LL Cool J's "Time for War" is being played everywhere. Says "it's not on my iPod".

Coach Meyer says that this week is different, both from what's around the weight room to what the players are saying. "if it isn't different this week, we're not doing a good job." He mentioned the Muck Fichigan signs from the last time he was at Ohio State.

Despite Michigan struggles, Meyer was quick to point out that looking at tape, Michigan still has a lot of talent, says they have a top 10 defense. "They're really good".

Since Ohio State still has another game after Michigan, the team will talk about making sure they aren't doing anything that ends their season today, like what happened with Marcus Hall last season.

This isn't a surprise, but as a higher school, Meyer didn't get any attention from Ohio State as a prospective athlete. "I'm still waiting for that letter."

Meyer also isn't worried about getting his players "too hyped up" for the game. "We're just trying to have a good Tuesday practice. We're not trying to win the game today." Added the older players understand the perspective.

Finally, Meyer added that he had "nothing new" on the situation with suspended defensive end Noah Spence.