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Why is this news?: Shannon Scott earns POTW honors, Ohio State to snap Michigan's streak

Ohio State Basketball's Shannon Scott's 30 assists helped earn him the Big Ten Player of the Week award.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State basketball’s Senior point guard Shannon Scott  just completed a monster week on the court, and the Big Ten conference took notice. Scott was named Big Ten Men’s Basketball Player of the Week, an honor he shared with Frank Kaminsky of Wisconsin.

Over the course of two games against Sacred Heart and Marquette, Scott averaged 15.0 assists, 9.6 points, and 2.5 steals all while shooting an impressive 57.1% from the field. Scott’s 16 assists against Sacred Heart was an Ohio State record, and he currently leads the nation with 13.7 APG.

With Aaron Craft gone to the NBA D-League, there were questions as to how well Scott would be able to fill the void. It’s safe to say that the early returns are outstanding. Ohio State has a talented collection of young scorers this season, and if Scott can keep facilitating the way he has been, they’re going to have plenty of opportunities to put up points.

We’re still four days away from The Game, but Ohio State is already primed to take away a piece of the Wolverine legacy. This Saturday Ohio State is expected to officially supplant the Wolverines as the kings of college football attendance. For sixteen years, the Wolverines have posted the largest attendance numbers in the country. This year, however, it’s the Buckeyes who will end up on top.

Here’s Doug Lesmerises on the subject:

Though Michigan's capacity remains quite a bit larger than Ohio Stadium at 109,901, Michigan ended the season with an average attendance of 104,909 for seven home games during a down year without great opponent draws. The Wolverines played Appalachian State, Miami (Ohio), Utah, Minnesota, Penn State, Indiana and Maryland at home this year, going 4-3.

Their rivalry games against Notre Dame, Michigan State and Ohio State were all road games.

Ohio State's average attendance of 105,910 so far through six games came against Virginia Tech, Kent State, Cincinnati, Rutgers, Illinois and Indiana. The crowd for the noon start against Michigan should be a good one. And the Wolverines will help the Buckeyes extend that lead and end that Michigan winning streak.

Here at LGHL, we fully endorse beating Michigan at anything and everything, even attendance.

"Isn’t it sad this weekend doesn’t have the meaning it’s supposed to have?"

-Gregg Garno, Michigan Daily

It’s a subject that local radio shows, blogs, and Twitter have debated ad nauseum for the better part of the last five years: Is Michigan’s prolonged slump hurting the rivalry. It seems pretty obvious that it is, at least on a national level. Michigan Daily’s Gregg Garno sure thinks so:

The Game was built up by referring to Ohio State as "Ohio," or omitting the M in Michigan, but even that’s wearing off. The Buckeyes’ biggest game this season came against Michigan State three weeks ago.

It’s not much of a rivalry when it’s skewed so far in favor of one team. Ohio State is a 20-point favorite this weekend, and that might be out of generosity for Michigan. Both teams are relevant, but one more for the wrong reasons.

"They are playing for a lot, and we’re not — that’s no secret," said redshirt junior center Jack Miller.

Even if they win, the Wolverines will continue a season with a head coach that needs to be fired, and it doesn’t change the fact that they’ll only prolong the coaching search that much longer. Interim Athletic Director Jim Hackett, out of compassion, won’t evaluate the status of Hoke until the season is over, he said. And isn’t it sad that’s what you’re waiting for?

For Buckeye fans, Michigan week will always matter, but I’m siding with Garno on this one. Michigan is always Michigan, but 2006 sure was a lot more exciting than 2014.

"I just told myself, whoever was guarding me, I was going to destroy him."

-D'Angelo Russell via the Columbus Dispatch

I’ll be honest, there’s not a huge story here, but that quote is amazing. D’Angelo Russell wasn’t happy about his pedestrian performance against Marquette and he wanted to take it out on someone. Sacred Heart had the misfortune of being that someone as the Freshman dropped 32 points in Ohio State’s 106-48 shellacking of an overmatched opponent. Here’s to hoping we see that killer instinct on display a few more times this season