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Ohio State students protest Mirror Lake regulation, jump early again

Still no damns given.

For the second time in as many years, in direct opposition to Ohio State's attempts to regulate the annual Mirror Lake jump tradition in which students plunge into often frigid waters on the campus of The Ohio State University Michigan week, students jumped a day early.

Though the actual jump is scheduled for Tuesday evening and will require a university issued wrist band to participate for the second straight year, protest jumpers took to the lake by storm Monday.

Judging by the flow of information from social media, it sounded like the lake was initially fenced off and students were warned by police to leave. That didn't exactly stop them.

Kudos to friends of the Holy Land, The Fake Lantern, who served as the unofficial videographers of this year's festivities. Here were a few of the best of Mirror Lake Monday 2014:

"I believe that we will jump"

"We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan..."

And then the fences went down:

There's no stopping the will of the students (NSFW language)

Perhaps Ohio State defensive lineman Michael Bennett put it best:

Ohio State QB Stephen Collier also won the night with the selfie of the year: