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Live coverage: Ohio State-Michigan 2014

It's The Game. Create an account in less than 60 seconds and join the fun. The staff of LGHL will be here all night with jokes, GIFs, and more. And you should be too!

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Beat the hell out of Michigan

Luke Zimmermann [3:43 PM]:

Shutting down live, you guys. Feel free to join SB’s chat to keep the party moving:

Matt Brown [3:37 PM]:

not a single damn

Ian Cuevas [3:36 PM]:

Final! 42-28! Buckeyes get their 11th win of the year. #GoBucks

Brett Ludwiczak [3:35 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas I-O

Ian Cuevas [3:34 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak O-H

Ian Cuevas [3:34 PM]:

Ohio State wrapping it up here. Love it. Hopefully Barrett will turn out to be okay.

Brett Ludwiczak [3:34 PM]:

Another year of beating Michigan. I love you guys.

JamesPowell [3:33 PM]:

Georgia Tech beats Georgia in OT

OPace [3:31 PM]:

Thats about the 5th ridiculous catch by Michigan today

Ian Cuevas [3:31 PM]:

Even more of a bummer, Michigan cuts into Ohio State’s style points

ahowie [3:31 PM]:

Buckeye DBs bet Michigan apparently.

Ian Cuevas [3:30 PM]:

Bummer PI call on Apple.

achuster [3:26 PM]:

He’s sitting in the stands, apparently

osunyg1 [3:26 PM]:

Funny how there is no update on JT

ahowie [3:23 PM]:

Try strapping up, ya nimrod.

Ian Cuevas [3:23 PM]:

@OPace I don’t need mine, please take them.

OPace [3:22 PM]:

I am taking up a collection: anybody want to donate any bones/ligaments/muscles to JT Barrett?

Ian Cuevas [3:22 PM]:

Three straight over Michigan. Coach Meyer still undefeated against the Wolverines!

achuster [3:20 PM]:

@OPace is an oracle

dvdbump [3:19 PM]:

Guess what Brady hoke, you’re unemployed

ahowie [3:19 PM]:

It was only a matter of time..

Brett Ludwiczak [3:19 PM]:


OPace [3:19 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:18 PM]:


PyroKinesis [3:18 PM]:


OPace [3:15 PM]:

Entire defense followed Vannett who pulled around to the right side. Only person who read the play correctly was Ryan, who just missed the tackle.

Brett Ludwiczak [3:15 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas I mean in theory I was right, but in execution they were right

Ian Cuevas [3:14 PM]:

Because we know nothing, hahaha

Ian Cuevas [3:14 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak This is why coach Meyer gets paid the big bucks

dvdbump [3:14 PM]:

@achuster second that

JamesPowell [3:13 PM]:

One more defensive stop and I can breathe, then move on to worrying about JT

achuster [3:13 PM]:

Can I get that Urban Meyer BOOM BOOM gif?

dvdbump [3:12 PM]:

Suck is *ichigan!!!

Brett Ludwiczak [3:12 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:12 PM]:


ahowie [3:12 PM]:


OPace [3:12 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:12 PM]:


PyroKinesis [3:12 PM]:


JamesPowell [3:11 PM]:

Well, that worked well

Ian Cuevas [3:11 PM]:

Here we go….

dvdbump [3:10 PM]:

@OPace has any urban Meyer QB?

OPace [3:09 PM]:

Has Cordale taken a snap from under center…ever?

Ian Cuevas [3:09 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak Agreed.

Ian Cuevas [3:09 PM]:

If they go for it and don’t just run a quarterback sneak, I might lose my mind.

Brett Ludwiczak [3:09 PM]:

I swear to God, if you run this 4th down out of the pistol I’m going to break something

Korrupt [3:09 PM]:

cardale runs 6-5 250 why not just a qb sneak?

Brett Ludwiczak [3:08 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:07 PM]:

Jussssssst short.

JamesPowell [3:07 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:07 PM]:

3rd and 7..

PyroKinesis [3:07 PM]:

I keep saying his name as Car-dah-lay. Sounds more exotic that way.

JamesPowell [3:06 PM]:

Jesus, he was one quick step away from taking off

dvdbump [3:05 PM]:

Might want to stick with the run game

Ian Cuevas [3:05 PM]:

@OPace Yep haha

JamesPowell [3:05 PM]:

Got a feeling this is going to be painful

OPace [3:04 PM]:

Does Urban let Cardale throw?

Ian Cuevas [3:04 PM]:

@OPace Yep.

Ian Cuevas [3:04 PM]:

@PyroKinesis maybe the slow storm, if that makes sense

dvdbump [3:03 PM]:

Who’s the backup now?

PyroKinesis [3:03 PM]:

So we going to storm the field if we win? lol

OPace [3:03 PM]:

I wonder if Jalin takes any snaps

Brett Ludwiczak [3:03 PM]:

Run the WildCardale

dvdbump [3:02 PM]:

Come on cardale, show us why you came to ohio state if not for academics

Ian Cuevas [3:01 PM]:

@JamesPowell I’ll even take a long drive that ends in a field goal. Would still put Ohio State up 10.

JamesPowell [3:01 PM]:

@OPace – I think you’re right

Korrupt [3:01 PM]:

Curious to see how Cardale Jones runs the offense here.

JamesPowell [3:01 PM]:

Please, can we please have a long TD drive, please?

OPace [3:00 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas I think it was originally clled a fake, then Michigan waved it off when they saw punt fake

Ian Cuevas [3:00 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [3:00 PM]:


dvdbump [2:59 PM]:

Darron lee!!!

Ian Cuevas [2:59 PM]:

Great read by Darron Lee. Big third down here.

OPace [2:58 PM]:

Helmet was already coming off

Brett Ludwiczak [2:58 PM]:

At least Darron Lee stays making plays

PyroKinesis [2:57 PM]:


dvdbump [2:57 PM]:

Gardners helmet didn’t even look secured

JamesPowell [2:57 PM]:

D had them stopped until the stupid penalty = now they go back to being weak?

PyroKinesis [2:56 PM]:

Announcer calling out the offense for not giving well wishes to JT.

OPace [2:56 PM]:

3 guys bending back JT Barrett is fine, but Bosa touching Gardner is 15 yards

Ian Cuevas [2:56 PM]:

@OPace Pretty clear it was a penalty. Bosa has to be smarter than that.

JamesPowell [2:55 PM]:

Potential game changer

OPace [2:55 PM]:

Refs doing everything in their power to aid Michigan again

JamesPowell [2:55 PM]:

Real smart play

Ian Cuevas [2:55 PM]:

Dumb penalty. Was already going down.

PyroKinesis [2:54 PM]:


Matt Brown [2:54 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [2:54 PM]:


J.T. Barrett injury: Ohio State QB out w/ apparent leg injury

The Ohio State QB appears to be out indefinitely.

Ian Cuevas [2:53 PM]:

Great play by Raekwon McMillan

JamesPowell [2:51 PM]:

And my stomach was just beginning to settle after the 3 & out – smh

OPace [2:51 PM]:

Jones missed a huge hole there

Ian Cuevas [2:51 PM]:

I’m at a loss for words. Literally the worst possible thing that could happen.

Ian Cuevas [2:49 PM]:

Well if there was ever a time to prove you came to play football, this would be it, Cardale.

OPace [2:49 PM]:

If you can’t beat them, injure them

Brett Ludwiczak [2:48 PM]:

Can Troy Smith get in there?

PyroKinesis [2:47 PM]:

Might want to start warming up Braxton.

Ian Cuevas [2:47 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [2:47 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:44 PM]:

A long, time-consuming scoring drive would be perfect right here.

OPace [2:44 PM]:

We must break them….on this drive

PyroKinesis [2:42 PM]:

One quarter of chaos left.

Ian Cuevas [2:41 PM]:

First three and out..WATCH THE FAKE

Brett Ludwiczak [2:40 PM]:

3 & Out? What’s this sorcery?

JamesPowell [2:38 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas – Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose

OPace [2:38 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas /tips cap

Ian Cuevas [2:38 PM]:

@OPace Haha, well played.

Ian Cuevas [2:37 PM]:

@JamesPowell Coach Taylor is behind the scenes, telling coach Meyer what to call. Only way to win, imo

OPace [2:37 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas They never slowed me down….oh, the game’s pace…nevermind

Ian Cuevas [2:37 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak They really slowed down the pace. That’s what happens when you’re able to convert third downs consistently.

JamesPowell [2:36 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas – Sounds like an episode of Friday Night Lights

Luke Zimmermann [2:36 PM]:

Brett Ludwiczak [2:36 PM]:

Feels like Ohio State doubled their time of possession for the game on that drive

OPace [2:36 PM]:

Alright, Gardner can go back to being 2014 Gardner next drive, plz

achuster [2:36 PM]:

Alright defense, I don’t want to hear The Victors this time

OPace [2:35 PM]:

Nice drive there

Ian Cuevas [2:35 PM]:

Touchdown Elliott!

PyroKinesis [2:35 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:35 PM]:

@JamesPowell Not sure. Could be trying to set him up to have a big fourth quarter with faking the gives to him in the first half/first three quarters and then letting him run wild in the fourth.

JamesPowell [2:34 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas – yeah, what’s up with that?

Ian Cuevas [2:34 PM]:

Finally got Marshall a carry.

OPace [2:33 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak Against a Sweedish player, he’s Jacoby Bjorken

Brett Ludwiczak [2:33 PM]:

@OPace Now I need Jacoby Boren to make a play so we can call him Jacoby BORKen

JamesPowell [2:32 PM]:

Nice escape job

OPace [2:32 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:32 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [2:31 PM]:


OPace [2:31 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:31 PM]:

Vannett is having a great day!

PyroKinesis [2:31 PM]:

Another fantastic passing play.

OPace [2:30 PM]:

Big play Mike Thomas

Ian Cuevas [2:30 PM]:

What a catch by Michael Thomas. Tough throw by J.T. Barrett.

PyroKinesis [2:30 PM]:

Wow, great catch.

Ian Cuevas [2:28 PM]:

@Matt Brown He’s been on and off the field, but they haven’t given him the ball, that’s for sure.

Matt Brown [2:28 PM]:

Where is Marshall?

Brett Ludwiczak [2:27 PM]:

Michigan is out first-downing the Buckeyes. What planet is this?

JamesPowell [2:27 PM]:

I should have said Buckeyes D, which is what I meant

JamesPowell [2:26 PM]:

Buckeyes are playing like they partied all week leading up to the game

Ian Cuevas [2:24 PM]:

@OPace What’s frustrating is that the offsides should have been a false start on the center.

JamesPowell [2:24 PM]:

@OPace – agreed, but we also saw WRs wide open

OPace [2:24 PM]:

The amount of BS plays Michigan got on that drive was unbelievable….Gardner flinging one up to the sidelines, refs not correctly marking off a penalty, Bosa jumping offsides

Ian Cuevas [2:24 PM]:

Buckeyes need consistency from at least one unit. Both offense and defense have been up up and down.

Ian Cuevas [2:21 PM]:

Time of possession is still killing Ohio State. Michigan has these long drives and is still able to score.

OPace [2:21 PM]:

@JamesPowell Refs and Bosa aided that drive alot

JamesPowell [2:20 PM]:

Three very long drives, each with several 3rd downs. Defense is going to lose this game.

PyroKinesis [2:19 PM]:


JamesPowell [2:19 PM]:

Weak and stupid

Ian Cuevas [2:19 PM]:

WIDE open. What a call.

PyroKinesis [2:19 PM]:

Defense is not the best.

Ian Cuevas [2:18 PM]:

Oh, come on. They had him! Buckeyes have to stop getting pushed around like that.

JamesPowell [2:18 PM]:

If you can’t stop Michigan, who can you stop?

Brett Ludwiczak [2:17 PM]:

Apparently the ball do lie

OPace [2:17 PM]:

Oh, now the refs correctly enforce the penalty

Ian Cuevas [2:17 PM]:

OF COURSE they finally force a fumble when they go offsides.

PyroKinesis [2:16 PM]:

Hoke is the best.

Brett Ludwiczak [2:16 PM]:


OPace [2:16 PM]:

@JamesPowell I want the rules enforced correctly

JamesPowell [2:15 PM]:

@OPace – not talking about rules, talking about bad defense

Ian Cuevas [2:14 PM]:

So frustrating to see Gardner complete those kind of passes.

Brett Ludwiczak [2:14 PM]:

/Mixes up a dirty bleach martini

OPace [2:14 PM]:

@JamesPowell Thats not the rule

PyroKinesis [2:14 PM]:

No way was that a catch.

JamesPowell [2:13 PM]:

@OPace – the problem is where the tackle occurred

OPace [2:12 PM]:

Holding occurred at the 44, ball should’ve been moved back to the 34, instead was at the 41

JamesPowell [2:12 PM]:

Can’t believe how weak the D looks

osunyg1 [2:11 PM]:

Time for Fickel to go always a play late

OPace [2:11 PM]:

If that hold was on Butt, they terribly mispotted the ball

Ian Cuevas [2:09 PM]:

If Michigan is having this much success running the ball, I don’t even want to think about what Melvin Gordon (most likely) is going to do.

Matt Brown [2:09 PM]:

Stop cheatin’ Michigan

Ian Cuevas [2:08 PM]:

Oh man, that should have been an interception. Ball was in the air forever.

Ian Cuevas [2:07 PM]:

Welp, that’s not how you stop a third and short.

OPace [2:07 PM]:


OPace [2:07 PM]:

Wow…refs in Georgia apparently don’t know what forward progress is

Ian Cuevas [2:07 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak lol

Brett Ludwiczak [2:06 PM]:

That penalty at least gave less of a chance for Kyle Clinton to kick it out of bounds

OPace [2:04 PM]:

Whoever is running the LGHL twitter, excellent troll job on Les Miles

Ian Cuevas [2:02 PM]:

21-14 Ohio State leads for the first time in what seems like forever. Get a stop and score again, and the Buckeyes can start blowing this one wide open.

Matt Brown [2:02 PM]:

Oh hi Adam Jacobi

OPace [2:01 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak I thought my puns were bad

Brett Ludwiczak [2:01 PM]:

J.T. is so cold he’s BURRRRRRRett

OPace [2:01 PM]:

Thats 2 TDs2 minutes and 9 seconds

PyroKinesis [2:00 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [2:00 PM]:


OPace [1:59 PM]:


PyroKinesis [1:59 PM]:


OPace [1:59 PM]:

Heuerman changed numbers….just noticed that

Ian Cuevas [1:58 PM]:

Let’s get Devin Smith a touchdown, so a win is guaranteed.

Ian Cuevas [1:57 PM]:

Here we go! Second half is underway. #GoBucks

PyroKinesis [1:56 PM]:


OPace [1:56 PM]:

I want to be up 2 tds by halfway through the 3rd…then Michigan can quit

OPace [1:49 PM]: Paul Keels call of Barrett TD run

osunyg1 [1:47 PM]:

Turning off the sound! everything is go u of m

Matt Brown [1:42 PM]:

Let’s hope Marshall gets the damn ball now

Matt Brown [1:42 PM]:

OPace [1:39 PM]:

Hopefully that was Michigan’s best shot

Ian Cuevas [1:38 PM]:

Well that touchdown was exactly what they needed. Now Ohio State gets the ball to start the second half. Big sigh of relief at the Cuevas household!

OPace [1:32 PM]:

Someone pick up Jake Ryan’s jock strap…it is lying at the 20 yard line

Brett Ludwiczak [1:31 PM]:


OPace [1:31 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:31 PM]:


PyroKinesis [1:31 PM]:


OPace [1:31 PM]:

Pass interference agaon

PyroKinesis [1:30 PM]:

Keep pushing…

Luke Zimmermann [1:30 PM]:

That was some price to pay for that first down

OPace [1:30 PM]:

Thats pass interference

Ian Cuevas [1:28 PM]:

That’s a heck of a catch, guys

OPace [1:28 PM]:

Obvious catch…review gives us a free timeout….thanks B1G Refs!

ahowie [1:28 PM]:

Ridiculous catch.

OPace [1:28 PM]:

Corey SMith with velcrow hands

Brett Ludwiczak [1:27 PM]:

@PyroKinesis I screamed “NOOOO” about 5 times before he picked it up though in anticipation of terrible things

PyroKinesis [1:27 PM]:

Great first down there…

Brett Ludwiczak [1:26 PM]:

Corey Smith didn’t drop it at least!

PyroKinesis [1:25 PM]:


OPace [1:23 PM]:

We have yet to run the jet sweep to Jalin…faked it a few times

Brett Ludwiczak [1:23 PM]:

@OPace If there’s anything I’m good for it is being horrible

Ian Cuevas [1:23 PM]:

Ohio State needs points on this drive. Calm themselves down a little bit.

Brett Ludwiczak [1:22 PM]:

Alright, you got a stop. TD before half, get ball after half and another TD. DO IT.

OPace [1:22 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak I was waiting to call you out for a jinx

Matt Brown [1:22 PM]:

Michigan seems to have had the ball for at least 6 quarters today

ahowie [1:21 PM]:

Beautiful stunt.

Ian Cuevas [1:21 PM]:

Needed that sack. Let’s get the defense off the field.

PyroKinesis [1:21 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [1:21 PM]:

Of course Michigan will probably pick up what’ll end up being like a 3rd & 24

Ian Cuevas [1:20 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak Unfortunate that Ohio State has to rely on Michigan to mess up to get a stop.

Brett Ludwiczak [1:19 PM]:

Hey! Finally a holding penalty!

OPace [1:18 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:13 PM]:

Wow. Three and out for Ohio State. Michigan gets the ball with 6:02 remaining.

PyroKinesis [1:13 PM]:

Hopefully the Buckeyes weren’t looking past this game to the championship game.

OPace [1:10 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas I know…just frustrated right now….when we win by 3 Tds I’ll take it all back

Ian Cuevas [1:10 PM]:

@OPace Coach Meyer is 2-0 vs. Michigan. His first year, Ohio State didn’t get to go to the postseason. The Clemson loss came after a heartbreaker to MSU.

achuster [1:09 PM]:

I really hope that is not the case

OPace [1:09 PM]:

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Urban Meyer was John Cooper reincarnated. Runs through the regular season, struggles vs Michigan and post season

Luke Zimmermann [1:08 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [1:08 PM]:

Michigan is just keeping the ball away from Ohio State’s offense. Only 7:34 left to play in the first half.

Brett Ludwiczak [1:06 PM]:


PyroKinesis [1:06 PM]:


ahowie [1:06 PM]:

Unfuckingbelievably poor defense.

Brett Ludwiczak [1:06 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [1:06 PM]:

This is unbelievable

PyroKinesis [1:05 PM]:

Wow, this simply is not good.

Ian Cuevas [1:04 PM]:

A stop here would be helpful. Then Ohio State has to get thing rolling on the other side of the ball.

OPace [1:01 PM]:

OPace [1:00 PM]:

This is embarassing

Ian Cuevas [1:00 PM]:

Wrap up

PyroKinesis [1:00 PM]:

Wow, defense is not being defensive.

Ian Cuevas [1:00 PM]:

@OPace Agreed

Ian Cuevas [1:00 PM]:

Raekwon McMillan. Such a beast.

OPace [12:59 PM]:

I swear, Michigan saves half their playbook for this game

Ian Cuevas [12:59 PM]:

My goodness. Michigan was well prepared for that blitz.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:59 PM]:

Lots of bad words being uttered by me right now

OPace [12:58 PM]:

It’s great that have decided to let Gardner feel good about himself for the 2nd straight year, but I’d rather us start playing some defense

Ian Cuevas [12:55 PM]:

Yikes, that total yardage.

Matt Brown [12:53 PM]:

Devin Gardner. 8 straight completions before he evaded that sack there

Ian Cuevas [12:53 PM]:

Come on, guys. Can’t let them dink and dunk all game long.

achuster [12:53 PM]:


PyroKinesis [12:52 PM]:

Stop them here please!

Brett Ludwiczak [12:51 PM]:

If they are going to play like this, Ohio State doesn’t deserve to be in the playoff

OPace [12:50 PM]:

So now we can’t stop the run or the pass awesome

OPace [12:49 PM]:

3 and out, plz

Ian Cuevas [12:49 PM]:

Really cool moment to see Troy Smith’s name and number get added to the stadium.

Brett Ludwiczak [12:49 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [12:48 PM]:

Great punt

PyroKinesis [12:48 PM]:

Now THAT was a great punt.

OPace [12:47 PM]:

Honoring Troy SMith during this timeout…hopefully that wakes everybody up

PyroKinesis [12:45 PM]:

Was a boring 1st quarter after Ohio State scored.

Ian Cuevas [12:45 PM]:

Defense needs to step up big time.

Ian Cuevas [12:44 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak Yeah this hasn’t exactly gone their way since then.

OPace [12:44 PM]:

Well, that was a sucky 10 minutes

Brett Ludwiczak [12:43 PM]:

Not liking what I’m seeing after that first drive.

Ian Cuevas [12:42 PM]:

Agreed. His throws have been way off since that first drive.

OPace [12:42 PM]:

OSU out of sorts

PyroKinesis [12:42 PM]:

Well that was dumb. Run a play!

Matt Brown [12:42 PM]:

Worried about Barrett’s accuracy here. Missing a few easy throws, putting OSU in a tricky spot

Ian Cuevas [12:41 PM]:

Smart decision by Barrett to just tuck it and run

Ian Cuevas [12:36 PM]:

2013 part II

OPace [12:36 PM]:


PyroKinesis [12:36 PM]:

And now we have a game.

Ian Cuevas [12:36 PM]:

Welp. Funchess is good.

PyroKinesis [12:35 PM]:


OPace [12:35 PM]:

Michigan successfully has let OSU become bored

PyroKinesis [12:31 PM]:

Was that Steven Merchant in that commercial? Haha.

Ian Cuevas [12:30 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [12:29 PM]:

Cam Johnston’s leg might have cork in it

Luke Zimmermann [12:27 PM]:

Matt Brown [12:23 PM]:

If Marshall had housed that they might have just canceled the rest of the game

Brett Ludwiczak [12:22 PM]:

Marshall can drop it as much as he wants if he does stuff like that after picking it back up (minus the flag)

Ian Cuevas [12:21 PM]:

Thought Jalin Marshall was about to pull a Teddy Ginn

PyroKinesis [12:21 PM]:

And a flag on the return. Sigh.

Matt Brown [12:21 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [12:20 PM]:

Darron Lee with the sack! CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP

PyroKinesis [12:20 PM]:


OPace [12:20 PM]:

Michigans’s 2 RBs weight a combined 200lbs

Brett Ludwiczak [12:19 PM]:


OPace [12:19 PM]:

Dolph still sacking Michigan QBs

PyroKinesis [12:19 PM]:

Took 5 minutes to sack him.

OPace [12:18 PM]:

Will Urban try and go for 3 after a TD?

Ian Cuevas [12:17 PM]:

Curtis Grant sniffed that one out from a mile away

PyroKinesis [12:17 PM]:

BEHIND the line!

Ian Cuevas [12:17 PM]:


Matt Brown [12:16 PM]:

And also this

PyroKinesis [12:16 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Love it.

Luke Zimmermann [12:15 PM]:

Even Ohio's baseball teams want to beat Michigan

Damn straight.

OPace [12:14 PM]:

PyroKinesis [12:14 PM]:

It is, yes.

Matt Brown [12:12 PM]:

that’s the TD record for Barrett, no? B1G?

OPace [12:12 PM]:

1st of many TDs today for the Buckeyes

Brett Ludwiczak [12:12 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [12:12 PM]:

Touchdown, baby! Early lead for the Buckeyes!

PyroKinesis [12:12 PM]:


Matt Brown [12:12 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [12:11 PM]:

Oh great, more false start shenanigans

Matt Brown [12:11 PM]:

Reminder: Ohio State is undefeated in regular season B1G play single LGHL was founded

OPace [12:11 PM]:

1st and Goal!

Ian Cuevas [12:10 PM]:

Excellent run by Ezekiel Elliott

PyroKinesis [12:10 PM]:

BOY that was close. First and goal though!

PyroKinesis [12:08 PM]:

Pissed I accidentally turned my caps lock off. That interception required CAPS.

OPace [12:08 PM]:

Even Andy Dlaton thought that was a bad throw

Brett Ludwiczak [12:08 PM]:

Gonna miss you, Devin Gardner!

Matt Brown [12:08 PM]:

Well, I don’t think that could have gone any better

OPace [12:08 PM]:

Gardner gonna Gard

Ian Cuevas [12:07 PM]:


PyroKinesis [12:07 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [12:06 PM]:


OPace [12:06 PM]:

Good start

PyroKinesis [12:06 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [12:05 PM]:

So glad the Buckeyes are wearing their normal uniforms. Should always be like that for The Game

OPace [12:02 PM]:

I wonder Michigan does what they did last year and run a completely different offense than the entire rest of the season

PyroKinesis [12:01 PM]:

The mixture of the elephant head with that fur coat was hilarious.

Luke Zimmermann [12:01 PM]:


Matt Brown [11:59 AM]:


OPace [11:59 AM]:

I have a question….does anybody here give a damn for any part of Michigan?

Luke Zimmermann [11:59 AM]:

@PyroKinesis :blessedemoji:

Brett Ludwiczak [11:59 AM]:

Smash the Skunk Bears

PyroKinesis [11:59 AM]:

Finally able to watch an Ohio State football game. And of course it’s the best.

Ian Cuevas [11:58 AM]:

Go Bucks. Let’s do this.

Luke Zimmermann [11:57 AM]: