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Live coverage: Ohio State-Michigan State 2014

It's the de facto Big Ten East championship. Create an account in less than 60 seconds and join the fun. The staff of LGHL will be here all night with jokes, GIFs, and more. And you should be too!

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Go Bucks. Beat Sparty

Luke Zimmermann [12:01 AM]:

Thank you guys for your continued support of Land-Grant Holy Land. Onward. To Minnesota.

Ian Cuevas [12:00 AM]:

@TheBigCat2192 I-O!

Brett Ludwiczak [12:00 AM]:

I like wins like that. Made a loud statement

TheBigCat2192 [11:59 PM]:


MidSouthMonster [11:59 PM]:

Big win! Let’s not lose focus next wk.

Ian Cuevas [11:58 PM]:

Buckeyes win it!

Sipe99 [11:57 PM]:

@OPace Seriously you can’t pretend to be classy about a loss while taking a back handed dig at your opponent

OPace [11:56 PM]:

Who is this clown?

Lesterh [11:56 PM]:

@Lesterh well maybe 2011 Wisconsin was better. Yes.

Lesterh [11:55 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas my favorite since the Oregon Rose Bowl.

TheBigCat2192 [11:55 PM]:

should have just given himself up and slid down to keep the clock running

Ian Cuevas [11:55 PM]:

What a game this was

OPace [11:54 PM]:

Pretty sure JT was supposed to take a knee there

Lesterh [11:54 PM]:

Go for it. Lol

smoke [11:54 PM]:

Fantasy scenario: Cardale and Jalin as the setbacks….they score and then…go for TWO. Do it, Urban!

MidSouthMonster [11:52 PM]:

One more conversion and game over.

Brett Ludwiczak [11:51 PM]:

This drive is perfect right now

Sipe99 [11:51 PM]:

If I’m OSU I’m playing for a TD here

BrightandSunny [11:51 PM]:

Where are you, Sparty D?

Sipe99 [11:50 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas painful

Ian Cuevas [11:49 PM]:

Annnnnd Alabama has tied LSU. Overtime coming up.

Sipe99 [11:49 PM]:

@OPace not anymore

OPace [11:49 PM]:

Bama down to LSU 11

TheBigCat2192 [11:47 PM]:

how does that work so many times?

Luke Zimmermann [11:47 PM]:

that third down was low key HUGE

Ian Cuevas [11:46 PM]:

Alabama at LSU 48

Ian Cuevas [11:44 PM]:

LSU’s kickoff went out of bounds so…

BrightandSunny [11:43 PM]:

Your D hasn’t done anything all half.

BrightandSunny [11:43 PM]:

Dantonio = dumb.

TheBigCat2192 [11:43 PM]:

@OPace I would guess so but I could see an argument against it (likely bad field position assuming you don’t recover and the other team doesn’t score)

BrightandSunny [11:41 PM]:

It’s all (mostly) happening.

OPace [11:41 PM]:

Will MSU onside?

BrightandSunny [11:41 PM]:

13-10 LSU

BrightandSunny [11:41 PM]:


BrightandSunny [11:40 PM]:

Let’s go LSU kicker bro

datr22 [11:40 PM]:

Let’s eat some clock here.

smoke [11:40 PM]:

Fair play for Sparty, at least they’re working hard.

MidSouthMonster [11:39 PM]:

Gotta tackle better than that.

BrightandSunny [11:38 PM]:

D is a joke.

TheBigCat2192 [11:38 PM]:

god dammit

CR7 [11:38 PM]:

Are you kidding

MidSouthMonster [11:38 PM]:

Wellnif the team ingreen can’t catch us, maybe the team in black and white will.

BrightandSunny [11:38 PM]:

This D is so bad.

Ian Cuevas [11:38 PM]:


BrightandSunny [11:37 PM]:

Still can’t tackle.

TheBigCat2192 [11:37 PM]:

I have no idea what the commentators are talking about. I feel like MSU has done a decent job of keeping the d-line out of Cook’s face (particularly Bosa)

MidSouthMonster [11:36 PM]:

I stand by my coin-flip comment from earlier. Iddntical plays called differently each week. The whole reciew process is a joke. Dont know why they didn’t revjew their catch on the play before, either

TheBigCat2192 [11:34 PM]:

I think it hit ground, but I was wrong about the Thomas replay earlier

CR7 [11:33 PM]:

He’s underneath it. That’s a pick.

Ian Cuevas [11:33 PM]:

LSU about to be up, rather.

TheBigCat2192 [11:33 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [11:33 PM]:

Tyvis Powell almost coming up with the INT

Ian Cuevas [11:32 PM]:

LSU up!

BrightandSunny [11:32 PM]:


BrightandSunny [11:32 PM]:


smoke [11:31 PM]:

Think 15-yard safety…

BrightandSunny [11:31 PM]:


BrightandSunny [11:30 PM]:

Oregon won 46-27 in Eugene over Sparty.

OPace [11:30 PM]:

LSU with the ball at the 5

OPace [11:29 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 Also, we need the syle points

TheBigCat2192 [11:28 PM]:

Really need a stop here though. We’ve seen this team let PSU back into it and I don’t want them to fuck around in late game/OT against MSU.

Brett Ludwiczak [11:28 PM]:

BrightandSunny [11:27 PM]:

Have some, SPARTY.

smoke [11:27 PM]:

Ahh, so what….the Bucks always dominate and score 50-plus against all these creampuff Top 10 teams…

Matt Brown [11:27 PM]:

where are your cooks now, Michigan State?

Sipe99 [11:26 PM]:

@OPace That was Beanie’s bread and butter as well

Brett Ludwiczak [11:26 PM]:


David Fisher [11:26 PM]:

Stick that foot in the ground.

TheBigCat2192 [11:26 PM]:


Lesterh [11:26 PM]:

Go for 2

OPace [11:26 PM]:


CR7 [11:26 PM]:


James Mee [11:26 PM]:

Cut back. TD. Good work

kevdaddy8 [11:26 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [11:25 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [11:25 PM]:


Sipe99 [11:25 PM]:

did Kirk just drop a “nifty” bomb…who cares I love everything

David Fisher [11:25 PM]:


CR7 [11:24 PM]:

Elliot stuck that dude.

TheBigCat2192 [11:24 PM]:

Kind of wanted him to go down at first contact at the 20. Don’t let the other defenders come in and tear at the ball.

Brett Ludwiczak [11:24 PM]:


James Mee [11:24 PM]:

That play. Do that

Luke Zimmermann [11:24 PM]:

Luke Zimmermann [11:23 PM]:


Ohio State fans loudly do 'O-H-I-O' chant in Spartan Stadium

Well, that’s embarrassing.

MidSouthMonster [11:22 PM]:

JT has handled the blitz well all night— stay cool, kid!

TheBigCat2192 [11:22 PM]:

wonder if MSU has the balls for a surprise onside

kevdaddy8 [11:21 PM]:

They are about to blitz out of their minds!

Ian Cuevas [11:20 PM]:

A nice long drive from Ohio State would be fine with me.

MidSouthMonster [11:20 PM]:

We need to take that 7 back from them on this series.

James Mee [11:20 PM]:

Got to score again. Work them like Cincinnati

Luke Zimmermann [11:20 PM]:

Think that might’ve been Cook’s most impressive drive of the night, TBH:

TheBigCat2192 [11:19 PM]:

Not only did they score, but they did it quickly. Now OSU needs to score again, and eat some time off before they do.

kevdaddy8 [11:19 PM]:

We are one turnover away from them making this a game!

MidSouthMonster [11:19 PM]:

Bad coverage, Eli.

TheBigCat2192 [11:19 PM]:


OPace [11:19 PM]:

way too easy

kevdaddy8 [11:18 PM]:

What kind of defensive series was THAT?

CR7 [11:18 PM]:

God dammit

Ian Cuevas [11:18 PM]:

There it is. Still a game.

BrightandSunny [11:18 PM]:

What the heck

MidSouthMonster [11:18 PM]:

Nice tackle, Eli

Sipe99 [11:18 PM]:

good tackle by Apple

Ian Cuevas [11:18 PM]:

Kirk lobbying for Ohio State a little bit?

BrightandSunny [11:18 PM]:

Nightmares about that throwback. Ugh.

BrightandSunny [11:17 PM]:

Keep that clock ticking.

kevdaddy8 [11:17 PM]:

Do not concede…..keep playing the same D!

Ian Cuevas [11:17 PM]:

@smoke Welcome!

OPace [11:16 PM]:

We need to keep this margin

BrightandSunny [11:16 PM]:

Chris Fowler…not impressed.

BrightandSunny [11:15 PM]:

Our D is getting lazy.

kevdaddy8 [11:15 PM]:

Lets get a pick!

Sipe99 [11:15 PM]:

An INT has got to be coming here

MidSouthMonster [11:13 PM]:

Our O-Line is having a great game, too. Barrett has all the time he needs, and our run game is working, too. Kudos to them after some shaky games earlier this year.

Lesterh [11:13 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 no no no. I don’t comment. I just watch. They’ve had a confident week and I just wanna peek.

smoke [11:13 PM]:

@Commercialeer After 2 years, I’m finally De-Lurking in time for Wilson’s Redemption…anybody want some beer?

emd2k3 [11:13 PM]:

Don’t count your Kenny Trills before they hatch!

emd2k3 [11:12 PM]:

One coach didn’t guarantee a win. Just sayin’.

Ian Cuevas [11:12 PM]:

@Sipe99 We all are now

Sipe99 [11:12 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak Ha just beat me to it

Sipe99 [11:12 PM]:

…anyone else a huge LSU fan right now?

Commercialeer [11:12 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 it’s never a good look

Brett Ludwiczak [11:11 PM]:

In non-Ohio State news. 5 left in Baton Rouge. LSU ball tied at 10

kevdaddy8 [11:11 PM]:

Agreed Big Cat…agreed.

TheBigCat2192 [11:11 PM]:

@Lesterh be better than the common fan. going over to another team’s blog during the game is only asking for karma to hurt your team of choice

Commercialeer [11:10 PM]:

DONTRE has passed through the inferno

Luke Zimmermann [11:10 PM]:

Lesterh [11:10 PM]:

Time to go visit The Only Colors.

MidSouthMonster [11:10 PM]:

I’ve always been a fan ;-) Barrett is on fire!

BrightandSunny [11:10 PM]:

ABC not bleeping that out.

OPace [11:09 PM]:


Lesterh [11:09 PM]:

Hahahhahaahhahaa. Stay in the game Wilson. LOL.

kevdaddy8 [11:09 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [11:09 PM]:


James Mee [11:09 PM]:

Dontre WIlson!

Sipe99 [11:09 PM]:

Dagger…now open the flood gates

TheBigCat2192 [11:09 PM]:


BrightandSunny [11:09 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [11:09 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [11:08 PM]:

Either a bad read by Barrett or a bad playcall

Lesterh [11:08 PM]:

That should have been Barrett.

BrightandSunny [11:08 PM]:

Should have kept it, JT!

BrightandSunny [11:08 PM]:

Cramps in 39 degree weather?

OPace [11:07 PM]:

@Sipe99 Hat tip

Brett Ludwiczak [11:07 PM]:

Uh oh, Marshall looks gimpy

TheBigCat2192 [11:07 PM]:

Marshall looks like the real deal. Wonder how much we’ll see Wilson down the stretch

Lesterh [11:07 PM]:

Let’s dominate baby.

Sipe99 [11:07 PM]:

@OPace 46-27

OPace [11:07 PM]:

Cooking with gas now

Sipe99 [11:06 PM]:

Did he say " Naked out of bounds"

OPace [11:06 PM]:

How much did Oregon beat MSU by?

Brett Ludwiczak [11:06 PM]:

Sparty, Yes!

BrightandSunny [11:05 PM]:

Wow. Late late hit.

BrightandSunny [11:05 PM]:

Utah…. :(

MidSouthMonster [11:05 PM]:

A score here blows this one wide open.

OPace [11:04 PM]:

There was a massive hold on that play as well

TheBigCat2192 [11:04 PM]:

Need to capitalize right here. TD or bust to try and demoralize them

James Mee [11:02 PM]:

Great stop. Bury them

kevdaddy8 [11:02 PM]:


MidSouthMonster [11:01 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [11:01 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [11:01 PM]:


CR7 [11:01 PM]:


Sipe99 [11:01 PM]:


Sipe99 [11:01 PM]:

come on big stop here

MidSouthMonster [10:59 PM]:

And now he does the manhandling!

Sipe99 [10:59 PM]:

Just when I thought Fickell was doing some good things after the Penn St game our run D is getting gashed and there is zero pass rush

OPace [10:59 PM]:


MidSouthMonster [10:59 PM]:

Bennett got manhandled on that one

Brett Ludwiczak [10:59 PM]:

Michael Bennett has been a beast tonight

CR7 [10:59 PM]:


kevdaddy8 [10:58 PM]:

Where is our run D?

Ian Cuevas [10:58 PM]:

Yikes, Langford finds a hole

MidSouthMonster [10:57 PM]:

Especially after that second half at Penn St.

Lesterh [10:57 PM]:

Omg Utah sucks.

MidSouthMonster [10:57 PM]:

So nice to see Herman finally take the wraps off the offense. I was hoping we were saving it up for this game

OPace [10:54 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [10:54 PM]:

@OPace I heard. Dropped the ball at two-yard line for early celebration then Oregon returned it all the way

Luke Zimmermann [10:53 PM]:

OPace [10:53 PM]:

So, Utah just had the worst play ever

Sipe99 [10:52 PM]:

Great pull and block by Price…made that TD happen

MidSouthMonster [10:52 PM]:

Let’s trade them 3 for 7 the rest of the night!

Luke Zimmermann [10:51 PM]:

MidSouthMonster [10:51 PM]:


David Fisher [10:51 PM]:

I like that jet sweep action to hold the edges.

Lesterh [10:51 PM]:

Duh duh du duhduhduh

Matt Brown [10:51 PM]:


James Mee [10:51 PM]:

Elliot with the Bosa Shrug

Brett Ludwiczak [10:50 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [10:50 PM]:


OPace [10:50 PM]:


BrightandSunny [10:50 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [10:50 PM]:


BrightandSunny [10:50 PM]:


Sipe99 [10:50 PM]:

@Lesterh They look fast

TheBigCat2192 [10:50 PM]:

Let Elliot pound this bad boy in

Ian Cuevas [10:50 PM]:

Give the ball to Zeke

BrightandSunny [10:50 PM]:

If Samuel benched for fumble, what’s the excuse for Wilson?

Sipe99 [10:49 PM]:

JT needs to work on his clap cause they are starting to time it.

Brett Ludwiczak [10:49 PM]:

Nice time consuming drive. Need a TD to really make it count

datr22 [10:48 PM]:

It’s not just me, right – Wilson has been kinda disappointing this year? Esp. on returns it doesn’t seem like he ever does more than get to the 20/25.

Lesterh [10:48 PM]:

TCU is murdering Kstate.

MidSouthMonster [10:48 PM]:

Barrett is having a monster game. His accuracy is outstanding tonight

BrightandSunny [10:48 PM]:

Where is Curtis Samuel.

Lesterh [10:48 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [10:48 PM]:


Lesterh [10:48 PM]:

Ok. Wilson caught something. Good.

BrightandSunny [10:48 PM]:

@OPace MSU making mistakes too.

OPace [10:47 PM]:


Sipe99 [10:47 PM]:

I think Wilson just wanted teh driveto continue so we could run some time off the clockl

Ian Cuevas [10:47 PM]:


BrightandSunny [10:47 PM]:


David Fisher [10:47 PM]:

If OSU goes empty it’s a QB run.

OPace [10:47 PM]:

Seriously, MSU should be up by 2 scores with all the blatant mistakes we made

MidSouthMonster [10:46 PM]:

That could have been a back-breaker

BrightandSunny [10:46 PM]:

Tonight should officially end the Dontre Wilson hype train.

Lesterh [10:45 PM]:

Wilson you suck again. Go get that Gatorade for someone.

CR7 [10:45 PM]:

I mean, there are no words.

MidSouthMonster [10:45 PM]:

Okay— time to get Wilson out of there

OPace [10:45 PM]:

Why does Dontre Wilson hate me?

Brett Ludwiczak [10:45 PM]:

Dontre Wilson drops everything

TheBigCat2192 [10:45 PM]:

get Dontre’s garbage ass out of there

BrightandSunny [10:45 PM]:

Lose your scholarship bro.

Sipe99 [10:45 PM]:

Get that shitbag out of the game

Sam Vecenie [10:45 PM]:


David Fisher [10:45 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [10:45 PM]:


David Fisher [10:44 PM]:

MSU has to know that’s a QB run by now right?

Brett Ludwiczak [10:44 PM]:

Actually they’ve been very good on 3rd/4th & short tonight. Keep it up.

Ian Cuevas [10:44 PM]:

We’ve run that play on short-yardage situations every. single. time.

Brett Ludwiczak [10:44 PM]:

Another 3rd & short. Shoot me now.

MidSouthMonster [10:43 PM]:

Nice tackle by Baldwin….

James Mee [10:43 PM]:

@Matt Brown Or feast

MidSouthMonster [10:42 PM]:

Like to see us get Elliott back into the picture— we can really shorten this game up.

Matt Brown [10:42 PM]:

also, eat

Sipe99 [10:42 PM]:

Zek makes me forget about Carlos sometimes

Matt Brown [10:42 PM]:

Let Zeke East

Ian Cuevas [10:42 PM]:


Sipe99 [10:41 PM]:

…and the ball comes out

BrightandSunny [10:41 PM]:

Two fumbles aren’t enough to get you fired??

OPace [10:41 PM]:

Wilson does something productive!

BrightandSunny [10:39 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas 28-24 also historically significant.

OPace [10:39 PM]:

We’ve had 3 turnovers go through our hands

MidSouthMonster [10:38 PM]:

Hate giving up the points. Apple has to make that catch— Cook isn’t going yo givr us a whole lot of chances, and not many will ever be bigger gimmes than that one.

Matt Brown [10:38 PM]:

Penny could have caught that int

Ian Cuevas [10:37 PM]:

Ohio State has to win this game 34-24. Just because.

Ian Cuevas [10:36 PM]:

Huge stop by Doran Grant

James Mee [10:36 PM]:

Good PBU

Sipe99 [10:36 PM]:

’bout time

Luke Zimmermann [10:35 PM]:

Big third down here.

Sipe99 [10:35 PM]:

@Lesterh …or OSU’s is. Terrible that they can’t take advanage of at least one of the two defensive TDs that should have happened on this drive

Ian Cuevas [10:35 PM]:

Remember when Virginia Tech would convert on third down no matter the yardage?

Lesterh [10:34 PM]:


CR7 [10:34 PM]:

No pressure rushing 4.

James Mee [10:34 PM]:

Gotta shake it off and get the stop

Lesterh [10:34 PM]:

MSUs luck is gonna runout

Lesterh [10:34 PM]:


MidSouthMonster [10:34 PM]:

Could have been huge

David Fisher [10:33 PM]:


Commercialeer [10:33 PM]:


OPace [10:33 PM]:


Sipe99 [10:33 PM]:

Honestly they are trying to give us this game and we refuse to take it

Brett Ludwiczak [10:33 PM]:

Yet another lucky break for Michigan State

TheBigCat2192 [10:33 PM]:

how the fuck do you not catch that

James Mee [10:33 PM]:

Oh Eli

David Fisher [10:33 PM]:

@OPace The holding on the Wham play has been more egregious IMO

Lesterh [10:33 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [10:33 PM]:

Like I said

Lesterh [10:33 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas yes!

Brett Ludwiczak [10:32 PM]:

Holding. Guess the refs gotta call it once out of every ten times

Ian Cuevas [10:32 PM]:

Cook keeps making those really tight throws. One eventually has to be picked off, right?

Lesterh [10:32 PM]:

Well that’s something.

OPace [10:32 PM]:

@David Fisher That

Luke Zimmermann [10:32 PM]:

Finally called it.

OPace [10:32 PM]:

I think Cook acctually overthrew his intended guy

Lesterh [10:31 PM]:

Something has to go our way

James Mee [10:31 PM]:

Fall on the damn ball

David Fisher [10:31 PM]:

What exactly does MSU have to do to get called for holding?

OPace [10:31 PM]:

We are 1-5 in recovering fumbles

Luke Zimmermann [10:31 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [10:31 PM]:

Almost a fumble from Jeremy Langford. Buckeyes couldn’t recover.

Brett Ludwiczak [10:30 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [10:30 PM]:

Oh man

Matt Brown [10:29 PM]:

I actually don’t think Cook was bad!

OPace [10:28 PM]:

For how bad Cook was in the 1st half, he laso never threw a pick. Either he rights himself, or gives one to us at some point

MidSouthMonster [10:27 PM]:

This opening possession will be important. If we can keep them bottled up coming out of their halftime adjustments, that will give us a chance to build on our lead and take Langford and the running game a little bit out of the picture. With our run D struggling, that would be a relief.

Brett Ludwiczak [10:26 PM]:

Your chance to breathe is about over. 2nd half about to get underway

Luke Zimmermann [10:25 PM]:

Michigan State sure are patriotic: aricnesbitt

Ian Cuevas [10:24 PM]:


BrightandSunny [10:24 PM]:

@MidSouth – thanks. Never got a good look at full replay.

Sipe99 [10:24 PM]:

LSU just tied it up

OPace [10:23 PM]:

1-2-3 Hard Work

cisar [10:19 PM]:

I’m full of the hope, Ian!

Ian Cuevas [10:18 PM]:

@cisar That’s the hope!

cisar [10:17 PM]:

Looks like we’ve solved them in the first half. Need those Meyer adjustments to put us on top for good

MidSouthMonster [10:13 PM]:


MidSouthMonster [10:12 PM]:

@Eric St. John Looked a the replay, and you’re right— it does hit a green guy; HOWEVER, it’s on the rebiund after it comes of Chris Green’s shin. It hit us first.

Indybucki [10:12 PM]:

So we shut down the pass and kind of give them the run – interesting game plan.

Bobby Charts [10:12 PM]:

I dont recall two bombs for TDs that close in a game in a long time. Great to see!

Bobby Charts [10:10 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann I would say so, great game in the air!!!

Ian Cuevas [10:10 PM]:

If Ohio State can stop Michigan State on the opening drive of the second half, things would be looking good for the Buckeyes.

Luke Zimmermann [10:09 PM]:

This is a big deal I feel like:

Bobby Charts [10:08 PM]:

Great game!!!! Go bucks!!!!

BrightandSunny [10:07 PM]:

@Lester – check out all the replays on that punt. Thought it hit #26 in the foot.

MidSouthMonster [10:07 PM]:

Cannot believe we’re up 7 after all the mistakes. Let’s get our stomp on on the second half!

Luke Zimmermann [10:07 PM]:

Sipe99 [10:06 PM]:

@Eric St. John Gotach…all I can think is that they were planning on stopping them

Lesterh [10:06 PM]:

Mark thinks he was up 14 points on us. What?

MidSouthMonster [10:06 PM]:

@MidSouthMonster hits

Lesterh [10:05 PM]:

Good job guys. I feel that all of us had a significant impact on this game.

MidSouthMonster [10:05 PM]:

Getting a few extra huts on Cook now, too.

BrightandSunny [10:05 PM]:

@LesterH – muffed punt.

Lesterh [10:04 PM]:

@Eric St. John wait. What’s the call that is in dispute? I’m recording this.

Luke Zimmermann [10:04 PM]:

@David Fisher Can just paste in the image path (ending in .gif)

Sipe99 [10:04 PM]:

I just realized Barrett is so good cause his first name is Joe Thomas

BrightandSunny [10:04 PM]:

@Sipe – I meant after their first run.

OPace [10:03 PM]:

That is quite the soft zone

BrightandSunny [10:03 PM]:

28-14. Refs 7.

David Fisher [10:03 PM]:

Epic. fail.

David Fisher [10:03 PM]:

JT Barrett has 242 yards and 4 TDs. [img][/IMG]

Sipe99 [10:02 PM]:

@Eric St. John I think “Michigan” did

Lesterh [10:01 PM]:

@Sipe99 no shit. A yard short at least.

BrightandSunny [10:01 PM]:

Why did we call timeout?

Luke Zimmermann [10:01 PM]:

Ruh roh

BrightandSunny [10:01 PM]:

This drive is…awkward.

MidSouthMonster [10:01 PM]:

@David Fisher He was in for a couple of plays on the third drive

Sipe99 [10:01 PM]:

are you kidding me with that spot

OPace [10:00 PM]:

How did that play only take 1 second?

Lesterh [9:59 PM]:

@David Fisher meh Elliott is doing alright.

OPace [9:58 PM]:

Ref calls them Michigan. Probably just figured that because OSU is winning, they are playing Michigan

David Fisher [9:58 PM]:

Anyone seen Samuel? Bucks need to have fresh legs all night tonight. MSU is playing multiple bodies.

BrightandSunny [9:58 PM]:

Still can’t tackle.

Lesterh [9:58 PM]:

After this sack.

Lesterh [9:58 PM]:

I would love for Urban to call some timeouts.

Sipe99 [9:58 PM]:

…love that he called them TTUN

BrightandSunny [9:58 PM]:

Pick 6 please

Luke Zimmermann [9:57 PM]:

Lesterh [9:57 PM]:

Michigan lol

Sipe99 [9:57 PM]:

…alright quick pick-6 and lets take it to the lockeroom

Matt Brown [9:57 PM]:

lol that ref said Michigan

James Mee [9:57 PM]:

That picture of Santonio Holmes though

Lesterh [9:57 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas hahah

Ian Cuevas [9:57 PM]:

@Matt Brown

Commercialeer [9:57 PM]:

dudes how sad were we like ten minute ago? what a swing

David Fisher [9:56 PM]:

Barrett is so confident tonight. Decisive and accurate.

Matt Brown [9:56 PM]:


Lesterh [9:56 PM]:

@Sipe99 just put him on the scout team. Give the defense confidence with all the turnovers they get.

BrightandSunny [9:56 PM]:

28-21. Refs 7.

Ian Cuevas [9:55 PM]:

What. A. Throw.

OPace [9:55 PM]:


James Mee [9:55 PM]:

Devin Smith!!

MidSouthMonster [9:55 PM]:

Gorgeous play action!

BrightandSunny [9:55 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [9:55 PM]:


Sipe99 [9:55 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [9:55 PM]:


Lesterh [9:55 PM]:


Sipe99 [9:54 PM]:

@Lesterh Seriously can they pull his scholarship at halftime

BrightandSunny [9:54 PM]:

How many times is Chris Fowler going to get the down wrong?

Lesterh [9:53 PM]:

Wilson. Stop playing.

Luke Zimmermann [9:53 PM]:

Just came across this. Quick Cals looked pretty cool pregame: kristylinnmarshall

Ian Cuevas [9:52 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak of all the players

OPace [9:52 PM]:

Marshall breaks 7 tackles, then gets stopped by the punter

Sipe99 [9:52 PM]:

Heck of a run. Looked like he could have cut outside

James Mee [9:52 PM]:

Well that was…something

Brett Ludwiczak [9:52 PM]:

Marshall got tackled by the punter :(

BrightandSunny [9:52 PM]:

Ugh get out wide.

Ian Cuevas [9:52 PM]:

Okay Jalin Marshall, you had me hoping for a second.

Lesterh [9:51 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [9:51 PM]:

Points before halftime? Yes please.

Ian Cuevas [9:51 PM]:

Good stop by the defense. Maybe another chance at getting more points on the board?

Lesterh [9:51 PM]:

Now let’s get 7

BrightandSunny [9:51 PM]:

Yeah, he did. So did a bunch of MSU guys all night.

Lesterh [9:51 PM]:


James Mee [9:50 PM]:

@Eric St. John I think he took two steps

TheBigCat2192 [9:50 PM]:

stupid goddamn mistake disease now spread to the defense

Lesterh [9:50 PM]:

Well shit.

BrightandSunny [9:50 PM]:


Sipe99 [9:49 PM]:

Cook looks like he took a hit there

MidSouthMonster [9:49 PM]:

Big game so far for Grant.

Lesterh [9:49 PM]:


BrightandSunny [9:49 PM]:

@MidSouth. Gotcha. I don’t recall seeing the muff hitting MSU until last replay. Right before they score on the next play.

Lesterh [9:49 PM]:

There’s just something douchey about him.

TheBigCat2192 [9:49 PM]:

That was the one bad throw we’ve seen Cook make so far and Grant wasn’t ready for it

Luke Zimmermann [9:49 PM]:

Lesterh [9:48 PM]:

I really don’t like Herbstreit.

Ian Cuevas [9:48 PM]:

If Grant was facing Cook, that would have been a pick six

Lesterh [9:47 PM]:


OPace [9:47 PM]:

Herbstreit seriously didn’t know it was the 1998 games?

MidSouthMonster [9:47 PM]:

@Eric St. John I’ll see what it shows. I also think that pass the ref called incomplete that we picked up three plays before their first TD was a completion and fumble. I’ll look at both again at the half.

Brett Ludwiczak [9:47 PM]:

Thomas sticking his foot in the ground and getting that separation was a thing of beauty

TheBigCat2192 [9:46 PM]:


Matt Brown [9:46 PM]:

well, i don’t know about you guys, but my pants are off

Commercialeer [9:46 PM]:

just the right amount of cooks!!!

BrightandSunny [9:46 PM]:

21-14. Refs 7.

Sipe99 [9:45 PM]:

Now for a couple confidence shaking hits on Cook

MidSouthMonster [9:45 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak I’ll take tied!

Ian Cuevas [9:45 PM]:


Lesterh [9:45 PM]:

Time to go fill up my glass again. Lolzylolzy.

James Mee [9:44 PM]:

MIchael Thomas!!!!

Sipe99 [9:44 PM]:

The much needed momentum changer

MidSouthMonster [9:44 PM]:

NICE! That’s what we needed!

emd2k3 [9:44 PM]:


OPace [9:44 PM]:


Lesterh [9:44 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [9:44 PM]:


Commercialeer [9:44 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [9:43 PM]:

If the Buckeyes can go into half only down 7 or even be tied they have to feel like the luckiest team ever

Matt Brown [9:43 PM]:

One more kickoff like that, they’re gonna put Luke in.

BrightandSunny [9:42 PM]:

@MidSouth. Pull it up at halftime or tomorrow. I can’t believe that didn’t go to the booth for replay.

Press Coverage [9:42 PM]:

Help them every chance you get Buckeyes. SMH. You simply can’t continue to make mistakes against a disciplined team like Sparty.

Ian Cuevas [9:42 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 I don’t see why Jalin Marshall couldn’t do it.

Lesterh [9:42 PM]:

Or Marshall.

Lesterh [9:42 PM]:

Smith will return the kicks.

MidSouthMonster [9:42 PM]:

@Eric St. John I’m DVR’ing it.

OPace [9:41 PM]:

I have no idea why MSU would pass the ball, save on play action. Thank you, Walrus

TheBigCat2192 [9:41 PM]:

At this point I think Wilson needs to take a break. I don’t know who else can return kicks though

BrightandSunny [9:41 PM]:

I ask because I’m pretty sure that muffed punt hit MSU’s #26 in the foot first. Looked obvious on the replay.

Lesterh [9:41 PM]:

We caught a break when we didn’t deserve to. Good.

MidSouthMonster [9:41 PM]:

Beautiful! Best case scenario after giving it to them on our 18.

James Mee [9:41 PM]:

@Sipe99 A Silver Bullet? AHHHHHH

BrightandSunny [9:40 PM]:

Is anyone recording the game?

Lesterh [9:40 PM]:

Fugue yes.

OPace [9:40 PM]:


Sipe99 [9:40 PM]:

Talk about dodging a bullet

Ian Cuevas [9:40 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [9:40 PM]:

Thank you based michigan state OL holding

Ian Cuevas [9:40 PM]:

Defense caught a break. MSU will have to settle for a field goal.

James Mee [9:40 PM]:

Huge stop defensively

Lesterh [9:39 PM]:

Dontre. Go get Elliott some Gatorade.

OPace [9:39 PM]:

There were seriously 3 guys in position to make a tackle, and all 3 just pussed out…..this is more embarassing than any game last year, defensively

James Mee [9:39 PM]:

Thank the lord

Lesterh [9:38 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [9:38 PM]:

Flag is down..

BrightandSunny [9:38 PM]:

Dontre can go back to Texas.

OPace [9:38 PM]:

Defense looks scared

Lesterh [9:38 PM]:

Oh good

Lesterh [9:37 PM]:

How about a TO?

OPace [9:37 PM]:

He better not be back for the next one

Sipe99 [9:37 PM]:

Dontre Wilson is useless. Instead of “finding ways to get hime the ball” they need to do the opposite. Most overhyped prospected I have seen in a while

Lesterh [9:36 PM]:

Buh buy Dontre.

Brett Ludwiczak [9:36 PM]:

Dontre Wilson’s worst game as a Buckeye

MidSouthMonster [9:36 PM]:

Special teams killing us.

Sam Vecenie [9:36 PM]:

No seriously. Dontre Wilson being a sneaky bad player is a killer.

OPace [9:36 PM]:


MidSouthMonster [9:35 PM]:

@Matt Brown I agree— we NEED to answer with them getting it righy back again after the half.

Ian Cuevas [9:35 PM]:

@Matt Brown Make sure to hire Jeff Boals

Matt Brown [9:35 PM]:

Also, gonna do a quick radio hit with the Scott Seidenberg show on NBC radio at halftime, if you want to hear me make an ass of myself on the air

OPace [9:34 PM]:

Defense gets a stop, special teams turns it over. Offense scores a TD, defense plays like little girls.

Matt Brown [9:33 PM]:

Plenty of time for Ohio State to get a result before halftime. Think they need to, since Sparty gets the ball after halftime

Ian Cuevas [9:32 PM]:

That drive was a killer. Took up a lot of time too.

James Mee [9:32 PM]:

And a QB draw…

Brett Ludwiczak [9:32 PM]:

Buckeyes getting out-#Manball’d right now

Luke Zimmermann [9:31 PM]:

Tough drive. Brutal, in fact.

MidSouthMonster [9:30 PM]:

But not that one.

MidSouthMonster [9:29 PM]:

Stopped ’em that time.

Sipe99 [9:29 PM]:

I’d love to know the yards after contact numbers

Sam Vecenie [9:29 PM]:

I immediately rescind my thoughts from earlier about not being worried about the run defense, Luke

MidSouthMonster [9:26 PM]:

Bennett’s having a good game but he’s getting help. Bosa forced Cook to step up for his sack and Frasier forced thatrun to stay right in front of him.

OPace [9:26 PM]:

@James Mee I only mentioned it because that was the first time we got good pressure. The sack was a coverage sack

James Mee [9:25 PM]:

@OPace Cook might disagree with you out there after he just got planted. They just need to get there a bit sooner.

TheBigCat2192 [9:24 PM]:

Nice to see some pressure but the coverage was a bit too soft

OPace [9:24 PM]:

DLine is not getting pressure

James Mee [9:23 PM]:

<3 u Bennett

OPace [9:22 PM]:

@James Mee Basil could directuonally kick it to the 1. Clinton is trying to do that, doesn’t have Basil’s leg strngth

James Mee [9:22 PM]:

@OPace Disagree. Basil put it at the 1 intentionally and it usually worked. Clinton kicks it to the sideline a lot

OPace [9:21 PM]:

@James Mee Urban has done that since he got here….just bad coverage and tackling

Sipe99 [9:21 PM]:

The tackling is just awful

Ian Cuevas [9:20 PM]:

@MidSouthMonster Agreed, that’s a good sign.

James Mee [9:20 PM]:

Why do they do that kick? Is it intentional or does Clinton just do that every like 4 times

TheBigCat2192 [9:20 PM]:

Special teams has not lived up to its high billing

MidSouthMonster [9:19 PM]:

Relieved we’re tied with all our early miscues.

Brett Ludwiczak [9:19 PM]:

Got lucky there. Looked like Barrett’s knee was inches from being down before getting in

OPace [9:19 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 That wasn’t really a draw

MidSouthMonster [9:18 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [9:18 PM]:

I hate these QB draws but they keep working somehow

MidSouthMonster [9:17 PM]:

I don’t care if it’s the Statue of Liberty as long as we score.

Ian Cuevas [9:17 PM]:

Here goes nothing…

OPace [9:16 PM]:

I’ll bet he does the Tebow pass

OPace [9:16 PM]:

I’d love to run a QB sneak here

Ian Cuevas [9:15 PM]:

This is a gutsy call. But the right one, I think.

MidSouthMonster [9:14 PM]:

Huge play here….

TheBigCat2192 [9:14 PM]:


Matt Brown [9:13 PM]:

its a good thing Ohio State is so good in short yardage situations

TheBigCat2192 [9:13 PM]:

never want to see a guy down like that

Luke Zimmermann [9:13 PM]:

MidSouthMonster [9:12 PM]:

Beautiful throw and just as pretty a catch!

OPace [9:11 PM]:

I have a new nickname for Jalin – “Electro”

Matt Brown [9:11 PM]:

what a catch you guys

Ian Cuevas [9:11 PM]:

Devin Smith, what a catch. Great throw by Barrett as well.

James Mee [9:11 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [9:11 PM]:


Commercialeer [9:11 PM]:

needed that one BAD

OPace [9:10 PM]:


James Mee [9:10 PM]:

Please PI, bail us out

MidSouthMonster [9:10 PM]:

Replays might as well be the ref flipping a coin. You have no idea what’s going to matter from one ref to another.

TheBigCat2192 [9:08 PM]:

I’m not sure that actually touched the ground

OPace [9:08 PM]:

I think the call stands, but am sure these officials will overturn

James Mee [9:08 PM]:

Ball doesn’t look like it actually touched the ground

MidSouthMonster [9:06 PM]:

On the other hand, love that we’re only down a score after one period with all the mistakes

James Mee [9:06 PM]:

On the positive side, D looks good when everyone is out there and we don’t muff punts

Matt Brown [9:05 PM]:

You just can’t make this many mistakes and expect to beat this good a team on the road. Ohio State looking YOUNG here

TheBigCat2192 [9:03 PM]:

Another positive play for Michigan State set up by an inability to do simple things like snap the ball without twitching

MidSouthMonster [9:03 PM]:

Offense needs to cut out the moving backwards crap.

OPace [9:03 PM]:

I feel like we shot our wad on the first 2 drives

Ian Cuevas [9:02 PM]:

Held the ball a tad too long.

Commercialeer [9:02 PM]:

insert shrug emoticon

Sam Vecenie [9:02 PM]:

Nope. Not gonna happen.

Luke Zimmermann [9:02 PM]:


James Mee [9:02 PM]:

I hate this right now

Ian Cuevas [9:01 PM]:

My goodness. Enough with the penalties.

James Mee [9:01 PM]:

Well, got it back at least

James Mee [9:00 PM]:

How does that happen?

OPace [9:00 PM]:

How the hell do we take a delay there?

Commercialeer [9:00 PM]:

shooting themselves in the foot

Luke Zimmermann [9:00 PM]:

Let’s hope this drive ends better than this:

Brett Ludwiczak [8:59 PM]:

Good field position. Anything that results in no points on this drive is beyond unacceptable.

Brett Ludwiczak [8:59 PM]:

Thanks for that Sparty. More of that please.

TheBigCat2192 [8:59 PM]:

there we go. now tell everyone just not to touch the ball no matter what

James Mee [8:59 PM]:

Here we go Bucks. Fortunate

MidSouthMonster [8:59 PM]:

Too many self-inflicted wounds. Got to tighten it up!

Ian Cuevas [8:58 PM]:

A quick three and out would be great.

Commercialeer [8:57 PM]:

man we need a big stop

Luke Zimmermann [8:57 PM]:

Brett Ludwiczak [8:56 PM]:

Cam Johnston doing what Cam Johnston does.

emd2k3 [8:56 PM]:

I don’t like Urban Meyer-coached teams. There. I said it.

James Mee [8:56 PM]:

I don’t even think it was a forward pass

TheBigCat2192 [8:56 PM]:

Refs all over Michigan State’s dick so far

Ian Cuevas [8:56 PM]:

3rd and 30 hahaha. Plus intentional grounding. Hoo boy.

emd2k3 [8:55 PM]:

Can we have a team that doesn’t beat themselves?

Commercialeer [8:55 PM]:

at least decker didn’t do it on a huge play :(

James Mee [8:55 PM]:

Well Calhoun was also offsides, but yeah

emd2k3 [8:55 PM]:

JT needs to switch up the snap count.

OPace [8:54 PM]:

Hard to win this game with theses refs

Ian Cuevas [8:54 PM]:

Welp, Taylor Decker

emd2k3 [8:54 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [8:54 PM]:

Devin Smith completely fired up. Ohio State on verge of scoring.

Brett Ludwiczak [8:54 PM]:

Devin Smith is gonna have 15 catches at halftime

Luke Zimmermann [8:54 PM]:

OPace [8:53 PM]:

MSU has jumped about 4 times. It’s been called once

James Mee [8:53 PM]:

Also, terrible read on that

James Mee [8:53 PM]:

That had to be offsides

emd2k3 [8:53 PM]:

Offsides Again. No flag. Ugh.

Ian Cuevas [8:53 PM]:

No offsides?

James Mee [8:52 PM]:

Smart play JT

Ian Cuevas [8:52 PM]:

Pretty obvious pass interference. Might have been a touchdown otherwise.

Matt Brown [8:51 PM]:

you know it’s coming and you still can’t stop it

Ian Cuevas [8:51 PM]:

Great run by Barrett.

Ian Cuevas [8:49 PM]:

Can we please just play?

OPace [8:49 PM]:

Well, there’s a break for us

James Mee [8:48 PM]:


Sam Vecenie [8:48 PM]:

Dontre Wilson being a sneaky bad football player is upsetting

James Mee [8:47 PM]:

@OPace Virginia Tech didn’t.

OPace [8:46 PM]:

A FG misses by 4 inches. 2 fumbles bounce the exact perfect way. An inexplicable throw and catch for 44 yards. Eli Apple is hurt for 2 plays and his backup gives up a TD. Will Sparty ever stop getting breaks in this fucking game

Brett Ludwiczak [8:45 PM]:

If Ohio State doesn’t stop shooting themselves in the foot they’ll have no toes left by halftime

Ian Cuevas [8:44 PM]:

Guhh. Spartans capitalize on the turnover instantly.

Matt Brown [8:44 PM]:


OPace [8:43 PM]:

Fucking bullshit Sparty gets 2 extremely lucky bounces in a row

Brett Ludwiczak [8:43 PM]:

If that hit Conley…

Ian Cuevas [8:43 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [8:43 PM]:

Darron Lee is the mans

Sam Vecenie [8:42 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [8:41 PM]:

MSU is just imitating Cincy and setting themselves up for longer passes

Matt Brown [8:41 PM]:

The Dad Jokes are flowing through me

Luke Zimmermann [8:40 PM]:

#FF Kirk Barton

James Mee [8:40 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [8:39 PM]:

looks like we got ourselves a little bit of a defense-optional 1st Q

Brett Ludwiczak [8:38 PM]:

More pressure like that please

Luke Zimmermann [8:38 PM]:

how many practice fields y’all got

Matt Brown [8:37 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [8:37 PM]:

Those first two offensive drives were… actually pretty nice. Let’s hope they can keep that up against a tough D

Brett Ludwiczak [8:36 PM]:

Ian Cuevas [8:35 PM]:

@Jared Slanina That we are.

Jared Slanina [8:34 PM]:

Barrett’s come so far in such a short time this season. You guys must be ecstatic about his future.

James Mee [8:34 PM]:

@Matt Brown #MoreBellyJerseys

TheBigCat2192 [8:34 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann

Matt Brown [8:34 PM]:

maybe midriffs have been holding this entire team back

OPace [8:33 PM]:

Never throw the ball again!

TheBigCat2192 [8:33 PM]:


Brett Ludwiczak [8:33 PM]:


James Mee [8:33 PM]:

Good work JT

Ian Cuevas [8:33 PM]:

J.T. Barrett with the wheels! Touchdown Buckeyes!!!

James Mee [8:32 PM]:

Wow EZE!

Ian Cuevas [8:32 PM]:

What a run!

TheBigCat2192 [8:32 PM]:


Matt Brown [8:32 PM]:


Ian Cuevas [8:31 PM]:

Great run by Elliott. Surprised he didn’t get a carry on the last drive.

Luke Zimmermann [8:30 PM]:

Buckeye State legend, well, John Legend, taking in the ‘afterparty’: johnlegend

Ian Cuevas [8:29 PM]:

Welp, looks like Apple has a hamstring issue. Michigan State has to be licking their chops.

Luke Zimmermann [8:29 PM]:

This isn’t going in Gareon Conley’s greatest hits:

Sam Vecenie [8:29 PM]:

Might need to start watching the new extended cut of Hercules instead of this.

Ian Cuevas [8:28 PM]:

Calling all Apples. Report to the field immediately.

TheBigCat2192 [8:27 PM]:

Conly got embarrassed twice on that drive

James Mee [8:27 PM]:

after that*

James Mee [8:26 PM]:

Well after I’ve seen enough Gareon Conley for tonight. Who else do we have?

Ian Cuevas [8:26 PM]:

Missed tackles haven’t really been a problem all year and now….

Matt Brown [8:26 PM]:

well…..that was pretty terrible.

TheBigCat2192 [8:26 PM]:

elite tackling

OPace [8:25 PM]:

Shouldve been illegal motion

TheBigCat2192 [8:25 PM]:

wasn’t that a false start by Cook?

Ian Cuevas [8:24 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann YESSS

Luke Zimmermann [8:24 PM]:

This was Ohio State’s problem on that big play:

James Mee [8:24 PM]:

Conley got beat so easily there

TheBigCat2192 [8:24 PM]:

Conley is always getting beat. No idea why he plays so often.

OPace [8:24 PM]:

Well, if MSU is going to complete that we have no shot

Brett Ludwiczak [8:24 PM]:

Geez, Cook put it in the perfect spot there

Ian Cuevas [8:23 PM]:

Oh boy.

Luke Zimmermann [8:23 PM]:

Come on

Brett Ludwiczak [8:23 PM]:

@TheBigCat2192 At least would’ve given them a little more manageable 3rd down.

Matt Brown [8:23 PM]:

Oh well, good kick.

James Mee [8:22 PM]:

Okay D, got to step up. Shake it off. Let’s go

Luke Zimmermann [8:22 PM]:

TheBigCat2192 [8:22 PM]:


OPace [8:22 PM]:


TheBigCat2192 [8:22 PM]:

@Brett Ludwiczak play wasn’t going anywhere even if he caught it. 3 dudes right there

OPace [8:21 PM]:

I go for it

Brett Ludwiczak [8:21 PM]:

Droptre Wilson :(

Ian Cuevas [8:20 PM]:

Dontre Wilson has to catch the ball. Has to.

James Mee [8:20 PM]:

Spencer run the wrong route or what?

Ian Cuevas [8:20 PM]:

No runs so far, other than Barrett’s 3rd and short QB draw.

Matt Brown [8:19 PM]:

I’m okay with this. It’s working

Luke Zimmermann [8:19 PM]:

James Mee [8:19 PM]:

QB draw on 3rd and short…never seen that. Worked though

TheBigCat2192 [8:19 PM]:

Don’t love that playcall but I guess it worked

Ian Cuevas [8:18 PM]:

Quick passes making it easy on Barrett. Receivers running great routes.

Brett Ludwiczak [8:18 PM]:

Barrett looking pretty sharp early. Like it

Matt Brown [8:18 PM]:

Oh good a short yardage situation for Ohio State this will be no problem

TheBigCat2192 [8:17 PM]:

Like those little quick outs. They talked up Barrett as a “distributor” pre-season but often seem to ask him to throw guys open instead of just get the ball out

James Mee [8:17 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann Shh. Don’t tell him

Matt Brown [8:16 PM]:

throw the dang ball bobo

Luke Zimmermann [8:16 PM]:

Does Tom Herman know he’s going against Michigan State or nah

James Mee [8:16 PM]:

Good play

OPace [8:16 PM]:

Nice easy throw to start…love it

Ian Cuevas [8:16 PM]:

Great opening play. Love it.

Matt Brown [8:15 PM]:


Luke Zimmermann [8:15 PM]:

Despite internet rumors, Dontre Wilson, still doing this thing.

Ian Cuevas [8:14 PM]:

Here we go! #GoBucks

TheBigCat2192 [8:13 PM]:

Curious if the weather will affect Barrett at all (Texas guy who may not be used to playing in sub-40 temps)

OPace [8:13 PM]:

I am glad Heatcher Cox gave so much exposition before asking a very simple question

Matt Brown [8:13 PM]:

My wife has so many questions about this song right now

Luke Zimmermann [8:11 PM]:


James Mee [8:10 PM]:

@Luke Zimmermann I love this.

Ian Cuevas [8:09 PM]:

Awesome. Good omen?

Luke Zimmermann [8:09 PM]:

IT’S BEAUTIFUL thegregsy

Luke Zimmermann [8:08 PM]:

OPace [8:07 PM]:

@Ian Cuevas I fear JT trying to do too much early. Get some safe plays first, let the defense set the tone, then open it up later

Ian Cuevas [8:06 PM]:

@OPace I’ll gladly take a touchdown haha

OPace [8:04 PM]:

I want the first OSU play from scrimmage to either be a WR screen or that jet sweep pass….give JT an easy completion early

Ian Cuevas [8:04 PM]:

I think I’ll live. Would still have to play Nebraska.

Matt Brown [8:02 PM]:

Too bad these teams can’t meet in the Big Ten title game

James Mee [8:01 PM]:

Alright, here we go. Let’s Go Bucks!

Ian Cuevas [7:59 PM]:

This should be a great game between Ohio State and Michigan State. Teams losing helps both of these teams, a lot on the line, obviously.

Ian Cuevas [7:54 PM]:

@Matt Brown I thought the crab pretzel looked decent. Not sure anything beats the Cavs hot dog thing.

Brett Ludwiczak [7:54 PM]:

Go Bucks!

Matt Brown [7:49 PM]:

That looks a lot better than that crab pretzel thing

Luke Zimmermann [7:46 PM]:

East Lansing’s doing at least something right: dbaks90

OPace [7:43 PM]:

Browns won Thursday. Cavs won Friday. Time for the Bucks to make it a perfect sports weekend.

Ian Cuevas [7:41 PM]:

If Ohio State beats Michigan State, they should be able to jump Notre Dame, but I’m not as confident about Auburn.

Ian Cuevas [7:35 PM]:

Real question to me is how far Auburn falls.

Ian Cuevas [7:35 PM]:

No. 1 imo

Matt Brown [7:34 PM]:

So, where will Texas A&M be ranked next week? 18?

Matt Brown [7:32 PM]:

I was just about to paste that in here. the best

Ian Cuevas [7:31 PM]:

Fantastic. It takes a lot to make a stew, after all.

Luke Zimmermann [7:30 PM]:

Via the immortal Nick Pants:

Ian Cuevas [7:25 PM]:

Auburn fumbles on back to back possessions. Wow. They’ll be upset by Texas A&M. Notre Dame lost to Arizona State minutes ago as well.