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Podcast: Ohio State-Michigan State postgame show

That was a hell of a football game. Let's talk about it.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Thanks for your calls! If you missed tonight's show live, you can listen to what you missed below.

Come join us for a live call-in show as we break down tonight's huge win over Michigan State. We'll be talking about turnovers, bombs, sadness pizza, playoffs, Tom Herman, and boy howdy that was all cool as hell, huh?

Ohio State shot themselves in the foot enough to go through several dozen feet, but road a hot offense, a power rushing game, and just enough of everything else to put themselves squarely in the driver's seat in the Big Ten.

So what are your thoughts on tonight's game? What does next week represent? You can call in at 215-383-3986 or tweet us at @Landgrant33 on Twitter with your ideas and questions. We go live at midnight, ET.

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