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College football rankings: Ohio State up to 7 in Coaches Poll, 8 in AP Top 25

What are the ramifications of Ohio State's season defining win over Michigan State? The pollsters weigh in.

Urban Meyer approves.
Urban Meyer approves.
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In perhaps a preview of things to come Tuesday night, as expected in the aftermath of one of the more noteworthy wins in recent Ohio State Buckeyes history, the Buckeyes had some love shown their way from the pollsters on Sunday. The first major poll of the new week of college football, the Amway Coaches Poll, slots Ohio State in at No. 7 in this week's rankings with the second, the AP Top 25, having the Buckeyes No. 8.

Though no longer part of the championship determining formula in any transparent sense, the major polls still serve as barometers at worse and thought influencers at best in the weekly College Football Playoff Top 25 which culminates in deciding the sport's four team playoff as well as so-called New Year's Bowl match ups.

Joining Ohio State in the Top 25 this week are Michigan State (No. 12 in both), who understandably fell in the polls this week, Nebraska (No. 11 in each), who had been ahead of the Bucks in recent playoff rankings and serves as Ohio State's last real chance for another quality win, as well as Wisconsin (No. 22 in both), who are finally playing their best football of the season.

Here's the complete Amway Coaches Poll and AP Top 25s for Week 12 along with Massey's computer composite ranking:

AP Coaches Computer composite
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State Alabama
2 Florida State Florida State Mississippi St
3 Oregon Alabama Auburn
4 Alabama Oregon Ole Miss
6 Baylor Baylor Oregon
7 Arizona State Ohio State Florida State
8 Ohio State Arizona State Baylor
9 Auburn Auburn Ohio State
10 Ole Miss Ole Miss Georgia
11 Nebraska Nebraska LSU
12 Michigan State Michigan State Arizona State
13 Kansas State Kansas State Kansas State
14 UCLA Georgia Michigan State
15 Notre Dame UCLA Nebraska
16 Georgia Notre Dame Oklahoma
17 Arizona Clemson UCLA
18 Clemson Arizona Clemson
19 Duke Duke Notre Dame
20 LSU LSU Marshall
21 Marshall Marshall Wisconsin
22 Wisconsin Wisconsin Texas A&M
23 Colorado State Georgia Tech Arizona State
24 Georgia Tech Oklahoma USC
25 Utah Colorado State Duke
For a composite Top 25 ranking, visit