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Ohio State fans better enjoy D'Angelo Russell while they can

In the early goings of Ohio State's first contest on record (the Bucks had a super, secret double probation scrimmage against West Virginia that included no public score keeping; sneaky!), true freshman D'Angelo Russell showed exactly why it was impossible for Thad Matta to keep him out of the starting lineup.

Though redshirt freshman Kam Williams, a sharp shooter in his own right, had gotten the nod in the Buckeyes' exhibition tour's opener in the Bahamas this past August, Russell had the honors today -- and he ran with it.

Russell's 4-for-5 from three early and leads all scorers with 16. Though Walsh has 19 at the half, Russell was outscoring their entire team for long stretches. Buckeye fans need to appreciate No. 0 while they're lucky enough to have him in scarlet and gray.